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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Progress notes for 7 June 2006:

Patience & Fortitude

New Words: 1507
Total Words: 11,850
Pages: 55
Deadline: none
Reason for stopping: I should not be working on this book. I should be working on that book.

Got the plot into the smut. So to speak.


New Words:  219
Total Words: (actual / ms) 60307 / 69250
Pages: 277
Deadline: August 1
Words per day to meet deadline: 559 (eee! Losing ground!)
Reason for stopping: Stuck on the genocide. And I need to get some actual sleep one night this week.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
60,307 / 100,000

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
277 / 400

Stimulants:  limeade
Exercise:  weights and ski machine
Mail: nomail
Today's words Word don't know: eldritch
Mean Things: Near-death by tantric sex. In anotehr book, I forced Andre to run from helicopters. Remember the compound fracture? You can feel bad for Andre now.
Darling du jour:  Why I love Matthew with the loff:

"I wouldn't take Aleister Crowley to bed, mind you, or be real pleased if he moved in next door. And I don't condone the thing with the goat. But he has his moments when it comes to ritual."

That's not the most amusing thing he said. But it's the only one that's not a spoiler.

Books in progress: Martin Cruz Smith, Stallion Gate; Jay Lake, The Trial of Flowers
The glamour!: I had a bad thing happen today. I almost hit a giant turtle in the road. A snapping turtle as big as a Christmas turkey.

I missed him, but when I ran back to save him, somebody else had not.

I hauled him out of the road anyway. He had a broken leg and the back rim of his shell was cracked, but it wasn't depressed, and when I put him on the grass he went down the bank toward the stream faster than I have ever seen a turtle move.

He might live.

I hope so.

Sometimes, I hate not having superpowers.


Turtles are tough... prehistoric, but tough.
He wasn't bleeding too much.

I still feel like I failed him. :-P
This is a reason I'm glad I'm not in Vegas anymore. I nearly got killed about six million times trying to get dogs out of the road there.

Ooog. Only other option there would have been a vet, but I don't suppose most vets would have any clue what to do.

Other than that-- well, you acted when you could.

Which, ultimately, isn't much of a help, at least emotionally.
I could have taken him to Audobon, but I did';t think of it until I got back in the truck. Except the only way I would have had to transport him would have been in the cab of the truck with me, and... he was very good when I was wauling him out of the road (it was tricky, because the part of him I wanted to hang onto was the injured part, because the front end of a snapper that size can take chunks off you (his head was the size of a whiffleball, no lie)) but he just sucked his neck in and let me lift him up... but somehow I think if I had actually PUT HIM ON THE BENCH SEAT he would have eaten me.

Silly turtle.

It's flooding like mad around here. He was probably looking for higher ground.
(Have I ever mentioned how much that icon disturbs me? Eek.)

I think the speed with which he took off is very promising. Honestly, I think anything that /isn't/ a wrecked shell or catastrophic wound is something an adult turtle can recover from. They're amazingly tough beasties, as I wish I didn't have cause to know from my own adventurous damned imbecile critter.

You swerved and missed. You went back. You hauled a huge snapping turtle out of the road, which is *not* a risk-free endeavor. You assessed the damage. You put it where it could reach safety. You *cared*.

I wish you could have saved it 100%, too. But I'm awfully glad it was you there and not someone who wouldn't even have noticed or tried.
I agree! :)
Thank you. It does help.

I am *not* having survivor guilt over a turtle, dammit.

(This was a seriously adult adult turtle, too. Probably eighteen or twenty inches shell length, though I didn't stop to measure it.)

We live next to a desert tortoise preserve - I love those guys. I'm glad you helped her.

Limeaide - Have you tried the Minute Maid Cherry Limeaide in the big green jug - yummy!
Mm. Limeade.

This is Newman's Own. Sublime!
::good turtly thoughts::

Thank you
Good for you. For trying, for caring.

If it could still move by itself, it's got a good chance of surviving.