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What happens when you have the TV on in the background while you are working.

Adam and Jamie. In Victorian morning coats and top hats. Looking shoppingly dapper and quoting Jane Austen.

Mythbusters is officially the best thing on television.

I'm starting to be a little distressed by how much I like certain things about Criminal Minds, which I have been half-watching in reruns ever since I noticed Mandy Patinkin was on it, and since I decided that Matthew Gray Gubler could be my television child bride. Because, dude. Check out his website. (Which seems to be down right now, but here's the cache.)

(He can't be my television boyfriend, because he's like a sixteenth my age.)

Geeky boys, so hot.

The show is sometimes exploitative and the plots are a little painful and it's a little too ripped-from-the-headlines.... but it has three different strong female characters. And a fat girl who can dance. And an alpha geek. And more than one character with an ethnicity other than white Californian. And many of the actors actually can, when given half a chance.

And it keeps doing things that stun me a little. And taking some chances that made me sit up and go, "huh." Many of which revolve around the Gubler character, and his family secrets, and the hints that he's worried a bit about his own sanity. (His mother is non-functional schizophrenic, and there are hints that sometimes he himself sees things, and hears voices that explain things to him.)  Also, giftedness seems to have a correlation with mental illness, and he's the kind of scary creative so-smart-he's-not-quite-human character that that TV so often completely screws up, except this one is playful and his team mates adore him and mother-hen him (because while he's a supergenius, he's also twenty-four or so), and he's also stupidly courageous.

And pretty good at manipulating people.

I wish I'd thought of this character, in short.

Dear Brain, and also CBS:

I realize that I have been hanging around with the slash crown too much, and they're rubbing off on me to the extent that I expect to start treating any evidence of affection or concern or rivalry between male characters as OMGTHEY'RESODOINGIT any second now. But I refuse to let you slash Mandy Patinkin with anybody. No matter how much I also like the other guy.

So stop it.

He's mine.

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