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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

So I think I'm about to spend a lot of money. Because it's been becoming more and more evident that I have hit the limit of my improvement with the beautiful but challenging old recurve I am using, and I've been eying compound bows with lust. Because I am, I have discovered, a better archer than my shooting would tend to indicate.

(The recurve is a Zen bow. No sights, no stabilizer, no moving parts. Just you, an arrow, and the end of your nose to look down. Wow, it's hard.)

Today at Hall's Arrow, where netcurmudgeon, ashacat, taichigeek and I shoot on Thursday nights, they let me try a Hoyt Lazertec with a magnesium riser. Actually, they let me try two. The 27" was too short, but the 29" was perfect at about a 43-pound draw.

...I'll take mine in cobalt blue, please.

It'll have to wait until after the exhaust system on the truck, dammit.

But oh, oh, oh, the covet.


(The recurve is a Zen bow. No sights, no stabilizer, no moving parts. Just you, an arrow, and the end of your nose to look down. Wow, it's hard.)

Have you done Olympian recurve?
I don't even know what it is!!!
I have my longbow...

No weights...

No sights...

No stabilisers...

No technology beyond a bit of bent wood...

Works fine for me.
That's what my recurve is. Just a bit of bent wood and a string.

I just tripled my score with the tester bow, though. *g*
If I wanted a crossbow, I would get an uzi.

Pointless fucking things.
I still prefer Zen bows, I'm afraid. Why keep score? Become the arrow, grasshopper, become the bow and the target.

(Haven't loosed a shaft in years. Decades.)
Works great until you have to be able to hit something, or go hungry.

Just saying.
Sounds very cool. (Hall's? Another surprise about what exists here in Connecticut.)
Connecticut has everything. *g* Somewhere.

And if it doesn't you can get to Boston or New York.
I have a York compound I got about 20 years ago. Stabilizer and all. I found the stabilizer very helpful, though I'm not sure if I'd need it now--my arms and wrists are much stronger now than they were back then.

It's tempting to set up a target in the basement. Unfortunately, we're in city limits, and bows are considered firearms so I couldn't shoot outside.
Heee. Yes, they're beautiful. And they shoot soooo nicely. (My bow before the magyar stacked really early and was a bear to pull, then warped. The one before that was nice, drew nicely, and hummed if you loosed right - but even it doesn't draw quite as nicely, though I miss the hum.)

I had no idea there were indoor archery ranges</a>! Yours is only an hour away! I think I know where I am taking Theo for his birthday. I only wonder if his compound bow is in need of repair.

Do you need to make reservations?
No reservations.

Just show up.

If you let me know when you might be there, I could meet you, if I'm in town and not at work *g*
Oh, man... Haven't shot a bow in years now :( Your post is making me miss it terribly.

But one of the reasons I quit archery was due to a weird injury I kept getting. My fingers would get rubbed raw, all the way to blood blisters. The weirdness was the place: It was in between the fingers I used to draw, right where the arrow was held. I still don't get it.
Oh, that happens all the time. I used to get that every time I shot.

You need a tab with a spacer.

Or to just switch to a release.
In a weird occurrence of serendipity, I just got sent this link:
http://blog.scifi.com/tech/archives/2006/06/02/giant_crossbow.html A crossbow, I know, but what a way to go!
Makes me wistful that I haven't shot in so long.

I only do recurve, but then again, I shoot in the context of the SCA, where sights, stabilizers, moving parts--and metal arrows, for that matter--are not allowed.) And I am pretty lousy at it, but it's such fun.