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So I think I'm about to spend a lot of money. Because it's been becoming more and more evident that I have hit the limit of my improvement with the beautiful but challenging old recurve I am using, and I've been eying compound bows with lust. Because I am, I have discovered, a better archer than my shooting would tend to indicate.

(The recurve is a Zen bow. No sights, no stabilizer, no moving parts. Just you, an arrow, and the end of your nose to look down. Wow, it's hard.)

Today at Hall's Arrow, where netcurmudgeon, ashacat, taichigeek and I shoot on Thursday nights, they let me try a Hoyt Lazertec with a magnesium riser. Actually, they let me try two. The 27" was too short, but the 29" was perfect at about a 43-pound draw.

...I'll take mine in cobalt blue, please.

It'll have to wait until after the exhaust system on the truck, dammit.

But oh, oh, oh, the covet.

Tags: crass materialism, shooting things

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