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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Now on the day that John Wayne died I found myself on the continental divide.

Progress notes for 8 June 2006:

Patience & Fortitude

New Words: 51
Total Words: 11901 
Pages: 56
Deadline: none
Reason for stopping: I should not be working on this book. I should be working on that book.

I got to use the word "horripilated" in the endless sex scene.

It's a once-a-career word. I have been saving it for the right spot. This is the right spot.

Shortly before the transformer down the block blows up, I think.

"War Stories"

My mind is a fertile field... growing all the wrong things.

No actual words, but huge chunks of plot scribbled down. This story is for Elise Matthesen.

I say that because it starts, "No shit, there I was."

Also, Jenny is a real Canadian. Her solution to a shell-shocked kid? Give him a really cool hockey card. (Of course, by 2030, I'm sure hockey cards will be elegant marvels of technology.)

Now, the burning question. Bill Barilko, or Bobby Orr?

...oh, wait. leahbobet wins. Ace Bailey. That's even thematic. She's a bloody genius.


New Words:  1247
Total Words: (actual / ms) 61,554 / 70,750
Pages: 283
Deadline: August 1
Words per day to meet deadline: 542
Reason for stopping: bedtime

My goal is to finish this damned thing, do the proposals for Dust and All the Windwracked Stars, and not have a bloody book due that I don't already have a draft of until, oh, autumn of 2007 or so.

That way, I can get some of these short stories out of my head. And maybe let my very drained and unhappy brain regenerate.

Stimulants:  orange spice tea, chartreuse
Exercise:  archery
Mail: nomail
Today's words Word don't know: horripilated, amoebosis
Mean Things: Andre is so going to get gangrene. He's damned lucky he lives in the year 300-something A.G. (After Google,) and they have good medical tech. And I mentioned the horripilation.
Books in progress: Martin Cruz Smith, Stallion Gate; Jay Lake, The Trial of Flowers

 I'm a thin ice walker, I'm a freelance writer


Bill Barilko only if the kid's a Leafs fan.
The kid's an American. *g* He has no clue.
I got to use the word "horripilated" in the endless sex scene.

I just whooped loudly and pounded my fist on the arm of my chair while I laughed at this.

Many words are once-a-book words. I think you're right that that may be a once-a-career word. Wow. Finding the perfectly right time and place for it is a cause for true celebration.
I have been saving it for years.

Someday, I will manage a graceful use of "sesquipedalian."

Ah, and here I was, going to give you a fresh target: "floccillation" (the fitful plucking at the bedclothes by a delirious patient, in case you didn't know; also called carphology. I love that there are words for this).
Alas, that word just doesn't do it for me.

You can have it. *g*
Good lord. Really? You're weird, you are.

Or perhaps it just doesn't come with all its resonances; see, it is also cousin-german to floccinaucinihilipilification, which was once the longest word in the Oxford English Dictionary, and I despair of ever finding a place for that in fiction, although your Jesse Helms has used it in your parliament-place...
Ah, we are cousins in despairing. Floccinaucinihilipilification is on my list, as it hemidemisemiquaver, but I suspect I will never find a use for either.
What a great word.
your teeth when you grin
reflecting beams on tombstones
Aw. Bobby Orr rocks. (But I get that he won't work in terms of theme.)
And maybe let my very drained and unhappy brain regenerate.

But maybe we like your brain that way... ;)
Do you mean Irvine "Ace" Bailey or Garnet "Ace" Bailey?

Thanks to TMBG, I can't think of Bobby Orr now without immediately thinking "wicked little critta!"
I had never heard of Garnet Bailey. *g* Let me guess, the Ace Bailey foundation is this weird modern guy?

See, this is what I get for an awareness of hockey that stops in the mid 1990s.

And let that be a lesson to you, children. Never assume.
Yes, the foundation is named after the Bruins player/Kings scout who was killed on UA175. (However, his playing days predate the mid 1990s, since he finished up with the Oilers in 1979.)
If he was never a Whaler, a Bruin, or a Leaf, he didn't exist. *g* I'm not a hockey fan, but it used to be hard to avoid in Hartford.
The transformer blows ... oh my.

That is hot. Totally hot to be exact.
Hee. Not so much fun when you're trying not to get fried in your own magical feedback....

Hot, though.

Definitely hot.

And my very annoying brain wants to know if it's a scene about endless sex or and endless scene of sex. Annoying brain. No doughnut.

No, the sex only takes a couple of hours. But it's twenty million pages long. I'm going to have to do something about that at some point, because it'll be boring.

They keep having these really interesting conversations in the middle of it.

...and the mouth on that girl. She talks like a "no shit there I was" letter to Hustler.
I, for one, am not bored by extended sex scenes, particularly when they include Interesting Conversations and are Indicative of Character.

But, you know, I go back and re-read the fourteen-pager in Poppy Z. Brite's "Drawing Blood," just to smush out over the developing trust between Trevor and Zach.

Bring it ON!
> I say that because it starts, "No shit, there I was."

::chortle:: Rock on!
That's what makes it a war story, right?
As a Boston native, I'm a little saddened that it wasn't Bobby Orr, but who am I to argue with leahbobet?

(Confession: Bobby Orr's name is about one of three hockey names I recognize, in any case.)
OMG. I've wondered what to call goose bumps on a world with no geese. Now I know. Thank you.

(Sadly, would my readers know? Or care to check a dictionary? Ah, screw em. They're imaginary at this point anyway.)
Is this the inverse-Moss Troll problem? Where there is a word, and all your readers understand it, but the culture doesn't have that signifier? As opposed to: there is a signifier - Moss Troll ichor reeks of banth! - and everyone in that culture understands it, but it means nothing to your readers?
Technically, I believe it's the root cause of the moss-troll problem.

...Yanno, if in fifty years, academics the world over are trying to figure out the sudden proliferation of moss-trolls in mid-naughties SFF, and assigning Deep Allegorical Significance to same, I think we all need to buy M'ris a drink.
The Moss-Troll Problem:

I had missed that one. I believe it is the root of the problem. The balancing act is getting enough that is unfamiliar into the narrative to convey true alienness without losing the intelligent/perceptive readers. And make it interesting. Sigh. As you've said, writing is hard.
Happy to do it. In fifty years, I'll be delirious to do it...