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Now on the day that John Wayne died I found myself on the continental divide.

Progress notes for 8 June 2006:

Patience & Fortitude

New Words: 51
Total Words: 11901 
Pages: 56
Deadline: none
Reason for stopping: I should not be working on this book. I should be working on that book.

I got to use the word "horripilated" in the endless sex scene.

It's a once-a-career word. I have been saving it for the right spot. This is the right spot.

Shortly before the transformer down the block blows up, I think.

"War Stories"

My mind is a fertile field... growing all the wrong things.

No actual words, but huge chunks of plot scribbled down. This story is for Elise Matthesen.

I say that because it starts, "No shit, there I was."

Also, Jenny is a real Canadian. Her solution to a shell-shocked kid? Give him a really cool hockey card. (Of course, by 2030, I'm sure hockey cards will be elegant marvels of technology.)

Now, the burning question. Bill Barilko, or Bobby Orr?

...oh, wait. leahbobet wins. Ace Bailey. That's even thematic. She's a bloody genius.


New Words:  1247
Total Words: (actual / ms) 61,554 / 70,750
Pages: 283
Deadline: August 1
Words per day to meet deadline: 542
Reason for stopping: bedtime

My goal is to finish this damned thing, do the proposals for Dust and All the Windwracked Stars, and not have a bloody book due that I don't already have a draft of until, oh, autumn of 2007 or so.

That way, I can get some of these short stories out of my head. And maybe let my very drained and unhappy brain regenerate.

Stimulants:  orange spice tea, chartreuse
Exercise:  archery
Mail: nomail
Today's words Word don't know: horripilated, amoebosis
Mean Things: Andre is so going to get gangrene. He's damned lucky he lives in the year 300-something A.G. (After Google,) and they have good medical tech. And I mentioned the horripilation.
Books in progress: Martin Cruz Smith, Stallion Gate; Jay Lake, The Trial of Flowers

 I'm a thin ice walker, I'm a freelance writer

Tags: progress notes, promethean age, short fiction, undertow

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