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whatever you think you're writing about, you're writing about your trauma

The thing is, you're doing it in ways that make it possible to talk about it. Which means, sometimes, coming at it at an angle that nobody will recognize: not you, not your readers, not the devil himself.

Though that last one may have a useful suspicion.

callunav just summed up much of the thematic freight of the Lucifer/Kit thread of the Promethean Age metaplot for me, in a post over on her blog. 

It also illuminated for me the whole reason, in the Eddas books, that Cathoair will not forgive. (And why I, as a writer, think he's perfectly correct not to. Forgiveness is not the same thing as healing. Especially not in a world without Christianity.)

This is a perfect sentence, taken in context. She said:

Recant, and you die in a state of grace. But it's not your grace, and you still die.

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