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Kat turned up an interesting factoid about Francis Langley, Elizabethan scumball-at-large, that may prove usefull. Meanwhile, I've reread Edward II and am starting on Faustus. Ah, the fun part of the research: I've found a site that has the A and B texts online, complete--in the original and with modernized spellings. It's enough to make a drama geek's heart pitter-pat, pitter pat. *g*

Meanwhile, I have to find a way to write this book so that it doesn't consist of endless scenes of Will writing plays while Kit vaults from bed to bed.

Kit is highly enamoured of this vaulting from bed-to-bed idea, the little minx. He may be difficult to control. I may have too much connection with him as a POV character, goofy-looking goatee and all. (I've said elsewhere that whenever I let my characters get laid, they get fractious. He's starting off that way. Sigh, just what I wanted: to write a new classic of swashy SFF. Not.)

And more timelining to do tonight, when I get home.

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