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considerably less than twenty questions:

confidential to megmccarron: I am a lesbian today. I am wearing a purple flannel shirt.

suzilem: One of the best things about the show, really. Although I also love the fact that generation X obviously has enough money to interest the sponsors, now, because there is a sudden proliferation of twenty-and-thirty-something geek-chic and/or gothtastic characters on television.


airlight: The Doctor and I are on hiatus until the book is delivered. There was a break entrained by WisCon, and I haven't gotten around to catching up the last four episodes. I'll watch them in the fall, I suspect. (And hope they improve. I really want to like them.)

colomon: assuming that obtaining the relevant issues of Interzone is a challenge (which I realize, for many North Americans, it kind of is), the current best solution is probably to hold your breath for about a year and a half. There is an Unsubstantiated Rumor that a collection of the Interzone Abby Irene novelettes ("Wax," and "Wane,"), the forthcoming Subterranean Don Sebastien-and-Jack Priest novella ("Lucifugous," and oh I love that title with the loff), and three (or four, if I decide to include the first Abby Irene story, "Almost True," which is currently relegated to Grotty Trunk status) more short pieces is in the works.

The remaining three stories are all started--"Chatoyant," another Sebastien-and-Jack novelette (which will have Abby Irene in it, as well), "Paddareen," which is an Abby Irene novelette and will probably have Sebastien and Jack in it, and "Les Innocents," a novella which should, in fact, tie the whole thing up, including the over-plot.

None of these stories are sold to anybody yet (they aren't written, after all), but if this comes together, "Les Innocents" at the very least (And "Almost True," if I decide to include it) will be unique to the colection.

This is all vaporware at this point, though.

roane: Yes.

callunav: No, not really. If I want to talk about personal things, I pretty much do. But my life is very boring.

ratmmjess: Lilian Jackson Braun

lnhammer: Ooo. That's a poser. And I don't know if I can commit to just one. I love modern sonnets: Millay, Frost, and so on. I love some Housman--"Stars," is such a perfect little poem--and I love Dylan Thomas, the crash and rhythm of his words.

And of course, I adore Marlowe and Jonson--all in very different ways. (Shakespeare I more respect; he doesn't get drunk on language the way the folks I really dig do.)

But, just one poem? The best poem I've ever read?

I don't know.

davidlevine: depends on where I'm wearing them. *g*
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