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and still more answers to questions:

anghara: In Semagic, you screen comments by setting them to "screened" under the "screen replies" control. *g*

This novel? It's not helping me. As evidenced by the fact that I just spent four hours playing flash games and answering people's comment-screened questions. *g* I really need to write the next scene now, however. More coffee!

And I need to come up with good neologisms for "probability pollution" and "probability engineer."

Writing is hard.

a2gemma: ooo, tough question.

In terms of a practical application of skill? Learn to write; I'll never be done with that one.

In terms of life? Learn that sometimes the only way to get something I really want is to admit I want it, and then go after it, and permit myself to be vulnerable. Learning that if I'm not falling off, I'm not riding hard enough.

Admitting I want something badly is very, very hard for me. Because as soon as you care, it becomes a weapon that somebody can use against you. And also, sometimes, Hollywood aside, you give something your absolute best, and you still fail. Or you're just not very good at it. Or it turns out that you went after the wrong thing and when you get it, it turns to ash.

And that's okay, too.

Fall down seven times. Get up eight.

revenna: I'm a fan, but I'm not really active (by my standards, anyway) in any fandoms, and I don't read a lot of fanfic. (Some, I do, certainly: I have friends who write nothing else, and I read their work when I can. A couple of them even let me critique. Sometimes more than once. *g*) I hang out with the MfU people a bunch; they're a good crowd and were very welcoming and helpful when I was working on One-Eyed Jack, and a lot of those friendships have lasted. I also have a lot of fans in SF fandom and Amber RPG fandom.

But I don't SMOF, and I don't really contribute to 'zines (sometimes, when specifically asked, I do), or write much in the way of formal criticism.

I'm a loudmouth with no accountability, in other words.
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