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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

So, I'm watching The Greatest American Hero on DVD while folding laundry....

and I'm realizing that I probably shouldn't do this, because it is revealing to me again exactly how much my childhood loff for Ralph !Hinkley informs several of my male characters.

Like Gabe, and like Matthew.

Sometimes it's better not to recognize our own influences.

Also, thank you, leahbobet, for the Ukrainian werewolf song. Because the bloody Ukrainian werewolves needed the help.

As if I hadn't already promised them their own book.

As if they weren't already staking a claim on Patience & Fortitude.



Hey, could be worse. I realized some years ago that an appalling amount of my deep internal concept of what male-female relationships were supposed to be like from Stingray. You know, the TV show with the marionettes? In which there was a love triangle between Troy Tempest (the studly pilot), Marina (the mute mermaid), and Atlanta (the crusty old commander's beautiful daughter)?

I got better...
You'e seen this post from shadowhelm?


Because there should be a werehare in there somewhere...
No werehares in the PA universe. I got werewolves, and possibly bears and tigers.

But that's it.
For me, it's Buck Rogers where I find way too many disturbing influences I didn't know I had. Realizing you nicked a scene wholesale from a two-part episode called "Planet of the Slave Girls" is really embarrassing. I've resolved to buy them all on DVD just so I can go make absolutely certain that any remaining influence is at least well-disguised.

The book is now trying to convince me that really, a drag queen werewolf wouldn't be too over the top.

"Kit needs a boyfriend," the book says.

The book is very full of itself.
That's why it's best to just call him Mr. H. :)

Gabe! I can see it. ... okay, I'm not done with Worldwired yet, I'll just ignore that for a bit.

I love that show. Piracy may be required, to put "Eve of Destruction" back in its proper place.
Heh. It was entirely unintentional. But he totally has William Katt's hair.
errr Ralph who?

Funnily enough i was thinking earlier about how some AMerican writers use shows like Leave It To Beaver or The Brady Bunch (neither of which i am aware of ever seeing) as reference points, but I can't think of a UK author doing the same with Bless This House or Butterflies.
That's one of the jokes of American entertainment history. The lead character's name was changed from Ralph Hinkley to Ralph Hanley shortly after John Hinkley tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan. According to IMDB, it was changed back late in the second season when they realized that no one cared anymore, but I guess I had already given up on the show by then because I don't remember that part.
Its funny how nervous the 'suits' get about stuff the public never really gives a damn about.
If stuff like that really mattered to anyone imagine how well my surname would have gone down whenever I visited the states. (McVeigh, for those who don't know me.) I dont think I ever had even a second glance whenever I gave it, used credit cards or showed ID.
I am a child of my generation. The Retriever books were totally influenced by Remington Steele and Scarecrow and Mrs. King (but not Moonlighting, no).

And P.B. is the bastard child of Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch. I hid under the covers for three days, once I realised that.

Oh, and speaking of books... neener, neener! *collapses*

Yes, I saw. You can go to my day job tomorrow while I work on mine.

To be fair, I started mine first....

And thanks, but no. Tomorrow, I sleep. And clean the kitchen. Tuesday I have to go to my own damn day job.
Uh huh. You were the one who had to rub it in. *g*

;-) Congratulations.
Oh, I used to *love* that show! I'd forgotten all about it. I should see if I can find it around here. I guess there are worse influences to have. ;)
Netflix has it.

Wah! We don't have Netflix here. :(

I'll have to trek around to the local video places and look for it.

Also Remington Steele, MacGyver and Scarecrow and Mrs King, now that you guys have me thinking of all these old shows I used to watch.

Now if only I could get Tales of the Gold Monkey!
Tales of the Gold Monkey! <3<3<3
(Yay, your icon.)
It is my cooking icon.

What? I'm a quarter Swedish!
Do you see me arguing? If you have genetic grounds for a Swedish Chef icon, more power to you.

(I personally have always identified with Gonzo. "Tonight, dear patrons of the arts, I will, with this sledgehammer, demolish this vintage automobile to the music of the Anvil Chorus, after which I will eat the crankcase—a capella!")
Oh, yeah. Of the gang, Gonzo is definitely my identification figure.

Except for the slightly unsavory thing with the chickens.
I loved that show.