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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

truepenny is very smart about "hard fantasy over here.


That's interesting. I was asking someone just yesterday what to call my 'thing'. A guy from a space-faring race gets exiled on a medieval world. I call that cross genre. There isn't magic, there is telepathy of a sort, but I just can't class it in my head as science fiction. Not that it's far-fetched. It's feasible that two worlds at different levels of evolution/tech might collide, but where a publisher would slot it I have no idea.

But I think truepenny is right about 'hard' fantasy, and why not, when there's urban fantasy and paranormal romance etc?
My (self Published) book, "Quetzalsong" was determinedly written to be hard fantasy. I had dragons, vampires, and a few other cliches all with a logical, more or less hard science base... What it was, was made up out of a picture book on pterodactyls and Vance's "The Blue World" with a little bit of Patrick O'Brien. None of the publishers got the "Hard" part.. They all said that "Humorous Fantasy" wasn't selling.. I didnt think it was all that humorous, but what do i know?
the space-faring marooned deal was done in one of the Deathworld books. Years ago... HArry HArrison, i think. Back then it was straight hard SF. I think the tone of the narrative is the most important part, rather than a strict Fantasy/Science ratio. It all goes back to "Connecticut YAnkee", i suppose, which was a fantasy, almost a dream, but told in a very "hard" style, benefiting the hero and the subject, which was a political satire.

And "Connecticut Yankee" looks back to "Gulliver's Travels" and so on..Handled simplistically it's Captain Kirk on Planet Retardo. HAndled well it's literature..
And some of us are discussing 'Deep Genre' & 'Genre' over here:


Love, C.
Oh! And here I thought "hard fantasy" was just a euphemism for "bad girls' dreams"! Boy, is my face red!

That's the best review ever.