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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

It provides the author with an intriguing narrative and a satisfying climax, or it gets the hose.

Okay. I have here before me eight unfinished short stories, two unfinished novelettes, one unfinished novella, an unfinished novel, an unfinished novel rewrite, and another unfinished novel, and yet one more unfinished novel.

The goal is to have 1-5 of these finished by the end of the year, and #6 kicked into a proposal. #7 is on its own reconnaisance.

This tells me it's...



Mrs. John Adams looked to her sewing.

"On Safari in R'lyeh and Carcosa with Gun and Camera"

We wouldn't be having this problem if you'd flunked Algebra.

"Dark on Wednesdays"

The Tower beside the gold-glass ziggurat rose through a veil of transplanted tropical jungle plants, complete with richly scented orchids in concealed pots, to scrape a desert sky burned almost colorless by the Nevada sun.

"Orm the Beautiful"

Orm the Beautiful would never die. But neither would he live much longer. Dreaming on jewels, hearing their ancestor-song, he did not think that he would mind.

"Black is the Color"

Along the north bank of the River Clyde, the oblong cobbles were glazed with sunrise light. The thump of music from a barge-turned nightclub had ended hours earlier. There was left only silence and the morning chill.

And a white stallion's hunger.

"The Death of Terrestrial Radio"

The first word was meant to be spoken quietly, if it should ever be spoken at all. A dribble of signal. An echo. A ghost. A coded trickle, something some PC running SETI-at-home would pick out of the background noise, flag, and return silently, the machine's owner innocent of his role in making history.

What we
got was as subtle as a solid whack across the nose with a cricket bat. We couldn't believe it at first, but there it was, cluttering up our airwaves with static ghosts, our own voices--ham radio, broadcast television, coded signals from the Cold War--spoken back to us.

I was there.

"The Venom Cock"

Katie saw him first. The next-best thing to naked, in cutoff camouflage pants and high-top basketball sneakers and nothing else, except the thick black labyrinth of neo-tribal ink that covered his pale skin from collarbones to ankle-bones. He shone like piano keys, glossy-sleek with sweat in a sultry September afternoon.

(I'm writing this one special for Gordon and slushgod. I will get giant girl cooties all over them.)

"War Stories"

No shit, there I was.

Belly down in the pile of rubble that used to be 100 Constitution Plaza, rifle fire skipping over my head, and a broken piece of rock gouging into my groin just down and to the left of my body armor. My neck was trying to crawl up into my helmet like a turtle jamming itself into its shell.


The dead man sat in a wing-backed chair before a cold fireplace. His rooms were dark and still.



"Chatoyant. Said of a mineral's luster: 'containing numerous hair-like inclusions aligned to produce 'catseye' figure in reflected light.'"


"Les Innocents"

On a fine May morning in 1903, Abigail Irene Garrett boarded an airship bound from New Amsterdam to Paris. It was an act of naked treason.


Undertow, my current problem child.

The morning after he killed Eugene Shapiro, André Deschênes woke early.


All the Windwracked Stars gets a couple of paragraphs, because I am enamored of it.

He was born white, until she burned him.

But that wasn't what happened first. Not in the beginning.

In the beginning was the end of the world.


There was snow at the end of the world, and Kasimir was dying in it. His wings were broken, dragging from his shoulders like defeated banners, disordered white feathers hauling crimson streaks through the snow that would not stop falling. The wings were the worst pain, each step grinding bone-shards through savaged muscle and lacing his withers with acid ribbons.



At the sound of footsteps, Roger backed into the shadows of the portrait hall, wringing a rag of soft leather between his hands.


Patience & Fortitude

There was a werewolf on the landing..

I warned you I would not give in! I won't be swayed!

Another hour yet, and then I'm yours, and all our debts are paid.


Okay. I feel like a total dork asking this, feel free to ignore me.

You: In a gorgeous green corset and a wire necklace thingie in a small room at WFC doing a reading of a book. The book you read from was a yet unpublished sequel to a book that had yet to be published.

I picked up the only book of yours I could find at my local Borders (Hammered) and that wasn't it. I really loved what you were reading from, and to be completely honest, this has been bugging me since November. WHAT BOOK WAS THAT???

Yes, I am a dork. Please feel free to tell me to take the stupid sign and move on.
The book you are looking for is Whiskey and Water, which is the second novel in the Promethean Age series. It will be out Summer 2007.

The first novel, Blood and Iron, will be out from Roc/Penguin Putnam/NAL in about fifteen days.

I'm waiting to find out if Roc is going to pick up the next two, now.

(This also explains why I wasn't able to find it anywhere and confirms that I'm not crazy. Much.)
Well, you can get it on ebay.... *eyeroll*
Uhm... to be a tad vulgar, you're shitting me??


Obviously not. The mind boggles.

I think I'll just mosey over to Amazon and get it the way that pays the author.

Thank you again!
*g* Usually, they start selling the ARCs about three months before the pub date.

You destroyed 100 Constitution Plaza! Awesome!
It needed to be done.
on its own reconnaisance.

Ack!!! I've been brutally attacked by near-homonyms!
Hee. I got stuck in the wrong word halfway through that one.

The fingers sometimes have their own ideas.
There was a werewolf on the landing..

*loves* :)