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Eleven things I've learned from a career in genre publishing.

1. Writing will not make you happy.

2. Selling will not make you happy.

3. Good reviews will not make you happy.

4. Being happy will make you happy.

5. I hope you like mushrooms.

6. And booze.

7. Editors are mostly tremendously nice and helpful people.

8. Chances are, you will starve.

9. It helps to be okay with that.

10. Or hate sleep.

11. I love my job.

flng_prpl_ppl8tr: Yanno, Bear, everybody hated the interview/historical novel conceit in Hammered and so forth.

flng_prpl_ppl8tr: I don’t see why you think it’s such a great idea for a short story.

matociquala: Well, at the time, it seemed like a good trick for letting readers know that there was an editorial bias in the third-person sections as well.

matociquala: That there was an implied first-person narrator controlling what they saw and understood, and that there were other ways of interpreting the same events.

matociquala: It was supposed to be a clever meta trick.

flng_prpl_ppl8tr: So what you’re saying is that you outsmarted yourself.

matociquala: er. Yes.

flng_prpl_ppl8tr: *snrch*

matociquala: Like anybody asked you.

flng_prpl_ppl8tr: Well, you’re the one who wants to manage this story as a transcript. I’m just telling you that I think it’s a mistake.

flng_prpl_ppl8tr: The readers will complain.

matociquala: When don’t they? You know as well as I do that whatever choice we make, somebody will hate it.

matociquala: Which is why it’s sheerest idiocy to do this for any reason but the fun.

matociquala: So what you’re saying is that you don’t want to talk about it.

flng_prpl_ppl8tr: er. Well, yes.

matociquala: like anybody is ever going to believe that. You’re the biggest exhibitionist in my head.

matociquala: All I have to do is sit down at a keyboard and you start rambling.

matociquala: One of these days I’m going to come home unexpectedly and find you and master_marlowe playing strip poker in the kitchen.

flng_prpl_ppl8tr: …

matociquala: …

matociquala: You didn’t.

flng_prpl_ppl8tr: We were bored! Besides, he’s a lousy card player. We cleaned up afterwards. And had a snack.

matociquala: I wondered what happened to that lemon cake.

flng_prpl_ppl8tr: Oh, look, the cat’s eaten it.

matociquala: That routine was old twenty years before you were born, Casey. And my cat is still in Vegas.

matociquala: Anyway, I’m giving you a chance at the spotlight now. Better warm up your line of patter.

matociquala: Besides, it’s Patty asking. Are you going to say no?

flng_prpl_ppl8tr: …

flng_prpl_ppl8tr: Maybe it was my cat.

matociquala: Maybe it was.
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