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We sold a book! We sold a book! Yay!

(This is some of the potential incipient good news from the other day.)

We've reached an agreement, and I'm allowed to announce that the lovely Beth Meacham has just purchased truepenny-and-my subversive smutty fluffy psychic-companion-animal wish-fulfillment fantasy A Companion to Wolves for Tor. The book is tentatively scheduled for 2007 in hardcover, though I don't know a date yet.

It's a novel about a young man, a wolf, a plague of trolls, the Green Dragonrider Problem, sleeping in roundhouses, not always getting to go Viking when you want to, and a fair amount of fairly unpleasant sex.

It's also another one of those patented Monette/Bear feminist novels with nearly no women in them.
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