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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

Unconfirmed reports are that Jim Baen has been hospitalized with a stroke. There is no word on how serious his condition may be.



It's been confirmed. Unknown about the level of severity, but it's serious.
Oh, dear.
Yeah. I've had my professional disagreements with Jim over the years, but it's not anything I'd wish on anyone.

an update

From the SFWA grapevine:

"Jim Baen is in the ICU after a stroke, it is serious, Toni and a relative are there with him. Now you know as much as we do about his condition.

Baen Books is functioning under the very detailed emergency plans that Jim has in place.

Please don't send cards or flowers. Please do send whatever prayers are appropriate to your faith."

Re: an update

thank you

Re: an update

That's the text of the message Julie Cochrane posted to the Bar just a bit ago.

Further confirmation, dammit.

Re: an update

Toni confirmed it with a post in Baen's Bar.

I reproduced it on my lj.
Well hell. Gods I hope he makes it through alright. He's one of those people I've wanted to meet since I first heard of them.
Good God. That's awful.
Yes. Laura Anne has some more details upthread.
Girr, I am working very hard not to go growl at that Carlos has an ax guy on the thread you linked. Just Gah! (He drank the koolaid somewhere. Not sure which koolaid, but he definately drank it.

Baen has published my short fiction, and I am a commie pinko liberal fag-kisser.
Yeah, there is a tendancy for the fiction they publish to lean to the right, enough so that I've wanted to throw some of their books through the window, but picking out one particular ideological slant that is toxic from Baen? Good luck. You'll find a body of work amongst the catalog there that will be considered toxic by pretty much any person who is inclined to find viewpoints toxic. I wish he had stated explicitly either who he was (it is not obvious from his live journal or the blog it links to on a brief scan) or which particular position he thought that Baen was supporting that ought to be outlawed or whatever. (I agree with your assumption that he is talking about the right leaning tendency over at Baen, but he never makes that clear.)


I feel better now. Thanks.
Except for the whole "I use words precisely. Please re-read what I wrote" bit, that is just standard internet trollism and it will piss me off till the day I die.
Jim is not the cartoon some people have of him. For instance, he was a booster of Joanna Russ's fiction, and published We Who Are About To... when he was editor of Galaxy.
Oh. Damn.

Oh, hell.

Baen and Baen Books made me think the SFF market wasn't dying out back in the eighties, and gave me hope for a writing career when I had to give up on growing up to be Carl Sagan (after already letting go of that astronaut dream besides).

Clearly it's time to send back some of that hope.
Oh, no. I've been on panels with him (with much trepidation) and he was funny and he paid attention. I hope he beats what sound like the odds.

Oh, crap. I'll keep him and his family in my thoughts.