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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Six times underneath the knife.

Progress notes for 15 June 2006:

"War Stories"

New Words:  210
Total Words: (actual / ms) 3186
Pages: 15
Deadline: the end of the summer, sorta

"Venom Cock"

New Words:  1303
Total Words: (actual / ms) 1918
Pages: 9
Deadline: not so much

Reason for stopping: tired
Stimulants:  sundried tomato bagels. limeade. Sam Smith's organic beer.
Exercise:  weights
Mail: already covered. ;-) And thanks!
Words I'm surprised Word do know: cockatrice
Mean Things: cockatrice. also, three hormonal freshman girls.
Darling du jour: 

"He wrote it down for me. This way you can impress him next week."

Melissa picked the note off her chest and stared at it. "He uses purple post it notes?"

"I was right," Katie said. "He's gay."


There were twenty-four sophomores and juniors, and of the first ten papers, only two of them seemed to understand that The Merry Wives of Windsor was supposed to be funny. One of those was a Sociology major. He was a failure as a teacher. He finished the sandwich, blew crumbs off his desk so he wouldn’t leave mayonnaise fingerprints on the essays, and tore open the pretzels before he sharpened his red pencil one more time.

Books in progress: Martin Cruz Smith, Stallion Gate
There's always one more quirk in the character:

Matthew eats sourdough pretzels with mustard. He is such a bloody stereotype. I'm sending him back.

Oh, god, now I have a craving. Sick, Bear. Sick.

(not as sick as french fries and mayo, though; that's just gross.)

Things I'm glad I didn't go to my grave without: leahbobet: "How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Slushbomb"



The second darling du jour hits way too close to home.
Matthew is high on the list of my characters who suffer mightily.

I really love how blase he is. "Oh, I'm a failure. Where did I put the junk food?"

He's my boy.
Those excerpts were very well-written--you must be good. I'd buy your books, but if I can't scrounge up the cash to get Four and Twenty Blackbirds, what makes you think I could do so for Hammered?
Buying my books certainly isn't a requirement for reading or commenting in my livejournal; this is just what I happen to be working on right now.

Thank you for the compliment though.
Ah, but one day I shall have the money to buy things like books and CDs, perhaps even a pomegranate...
Hey! What's wrong with french fries and mayo? It's good, gosh darn it.
just don't make me watch.

(mayonnaise is the most disgusting substance commonly considered edible in Western cuisine. not quite down there with silkworm pupae, but....)