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we need to get our hands a little dirty to make our gardens grow

It came up in chat last night that many of us considered The Offspring a quintessential Gen X band. Because my peer group may be despairing, overwhelmed with the futility of it all, and generally depressed about how fucked up we are in the post-Prozac age...

...but we're loud. And funny. And we know we're ridiculous.

So if you don't rate, just overcompensate
At least you'll know you can always go on Ricki Lake
The world needs wannabes

And we must have money now, because I keep seeing geeks and goffs on television.

How about that?

Are we the establishment yet?

[19:30] hawkwing_lb: (meanwhile I return to glaring at the brainwormed werewolves and France and WWII story that is taking up unnecessary space in my brain)
[19:35] matociquala: (Meanwhile, Matthew is shopping for cock in seedy parts of Manhattan.)
[19:35] katallen: *rolls eyes*
[19:35] matociquala: (Thank God for Google safe search)
[19:36] hawkwing_lb: (that is... quite a concept)
[19:36] matociquala: He needs one of these:
[19:36] matociquala:
[19:36] matociquala: *g*
[19:36] katallen: (I wonder if you would get what we think you'd get...)
[19:37] matociquala: (Do not google "black cock.")
[19:37] matociquala: (even with safesearch on)
[19:37] hawkwing_lb: so noted
[19:38] hawkwing_lb: (I don't think I need to ask why not)
[19:38] katallen: heee
[19:38] matociquala: He needs a black virgin cockerel.
[19:38] matociquala: What can I say?
[19:39] matociquala: If it was easy to find spell components, many lame D&D adventures would be forestalled.
[19:40] hawkwing_lb: A cockerel and a virgin, my. Poor Matthew
[19:40] matociquala: I mean, you go to the live poultry market, you ask for a virgin cockerel....
[19:40] matociquala: ...people wonder.
[19:41] hawkwing_lb: I always rather got the impression that roosters were, well, always up for making little eggs
[19:42] hawkwing_lb: they're certainly loud enough about it
[19:42] hawkwing_lb: (farm in the middle of town, ever-crowing cock, chickens. I'd strangle the thing if I could get my hands on it)
[19:42] katallen: *cannot resist and googles manhattan cock*
[19:43] hawkwing_lb: (ahem. pardon the digression)
[19:43] hawkwing_lb: I don't think I'll follow your example, Kat
[19:43] katallen: *gets mostly news about a nightclub*
[19:44] katallen: (boooo)
[19:44] matociquala: Well, a white cock would do in a pinch.
[19:44] matociquala: But you don't want to google that either.


Tags: chatroom transcripts, grave robbery on the high seas, the writer at work

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