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Progress notes for 18-19 June 2006:

"Venom Cock"

New Words:  2041
Total Words: 6832
Pages: 31
Stimulants:  coooooffffeeeeee
Exercise:  Gym yesterday with ashacat and commodorified
Mail: Strange Horizons review the Jenny books and Blood & Iron: there is the love! for the first, (perhaps unreasonably so: I almost feel constrained to point out that the book isn't really that good, but this is me NOT DOING THAT, because it would be dumb and ungrateful and we don't argue with reviews.), and pretty much hate for the second. THERE ARE MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR SEVERAL PLOT TWISTS in the Blood & Iron review. Seriously, I would recommend not actually reading it if you have not read the book.

Can't complain about the charge that the first half of the book is overwritten: it absolutely is, or Seeker's POV is, anyway. (I just did a word count on the manuscript: four "greasy"s in the book. I was probably doing something repetitive with their use. (Good job he didn't notice all the blinking.))

Which leads me to the thing about this review that makes me absolutely happiest: the reviewer's reaction to one thing that didn't work for him. He's absolutely correct. From a human perspective,  Faerie is the bad guys. Seeker knows it, Matthew knows it, and the reader is meant to know it, too. This is a story told from the POV of a villain.

(I thought I did a better job with Carel's motivation and the actual nature of hers and Seeker's eventual choices than this would tend to indicate, but--fwoosh--sometimes what is transparently, stupidly simple to the writer is not so clear to the reader. Alas! Alackaday!) (Actually, I quite like the scene he quoted.)

Today's words Word don't know: liaise
Mean Things: Matthew is getting hit on by pretty girls again.
Darling du jour:  His city, which he loved, dehumanized; Matthew considered it the responsibility that came with his gifts to humanize it right back. It was in some ways rather like being married to a terrible drunk.
Tyop du jour: the sore running puss down into his beard
Books in progress: Martin Cruz Smith, Stallion Gate
The glamour!: There was a scantily-clad fangirl doing my dishes yesterday while I was at work! This writing gig is really okay!
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