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love is patient, love is kind / let's be honest / love is a catalogue of deadly sins

Progress notes for 20 June 2006:

"Venom Cock"

New Words:  1511
Total Words:  8343. Look, mom, it's a novelette.
Pages: 37
Deadline: None. Meanwhile, of course, the things *with* deadlines are languishing, but sometimes you have to write the one that gives you sugar.
Reason for stopping: bedtime. sleep debt.

Five more scenes to write, and I know what they all are. I've reached the climax.

Stimulants:  jasmine tea, taddy porter, beef not-stroganoff
Exercise: day the heck off.
Mail: I got paid for the Undertow proposal (turned in last winter). Yay! Money!
Today's words Word don't know: ensorcel, doubletake
Words I'm surprised Word do know: zigzagging

Mean Things:
the oversexed college freshmen read Matthew's diary.
Tyop du jour: chookebones
Darling du jour:  I can't decide. It's either: "The victim was an alcoholic," Marion said, as Matthew put his chicken on the counter. Or: "Come on," he said. "Help me ensorcel this chicken."
Jerry-rigging: I stapled together two semirelated scenes with a transition to avoid fucking up the POV progression.
There's always one more quirk in the character: Well, yanno. Matthew and the chicken. Also, apparently he's attracted to women with guns or coffee mugs. Or wings.

Books in progress:
Martin Cruz Smith, Stallion Gate
The glamour!: Bathroom faucet, still not fixed.

I'm going to take this bronze star heart I've got
I'm going to melt it down
Wait for love to cast the metal into bone.
Tags: progress notes, short fiction

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