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you see he comes from trouble and he's always going home

Progress notes for 22-26 June 2006:

"Cryptic Coloration" (aha! the venomous-cock story has a real title)

New Words:  353
Total Words: 14,000
Pages: 56
Reason for stopping: Second draft complete!


New Words:  788
Total Words: 67,070
Pages: 308
Deadline: August 1
Reason for stopping: I'm not, really. Just... thinking. have to go to the gym in an hour anyway. And it's time to start inputting the edits I made.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
308 / 400

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
67,070 / 100,000

Stimulants:  red zinger
Exercise: hauling my luggage around airports yesterday.
Mail: Box of books! Box of books! Box of books!  (IE, the contract copies of Blood & Iron have arrived.)

Also, Carnival page proofs. Oh, the book designer did well by me on this one. I have interior art!

via sovay, a really lovely review of The Chains That You Refuse at Emerald City. Please to note the segment where the reviewer picks up my thematic squids, nails them to a dissecting board, and goes after their twitching innards with a scalpel. Ooch.

Also, heard from editor Liz that the CEM of Whiskey & Water is in process, and the cover conference is soon, and do I have any preferences.

Of course I said "Pony!"

I should have said "no mullets, please."

Today's words Word don't know: houngan
Mean Things: As truepenny said, Matthew's life is completely unromantic. Except when it looks like a BDSM play party.
Tyop du jour: guardian of the iron world by night, teacher or artist or executive or civil servant by dad.
Jerry-rigging: I'm going to have to go back and add some character development. This is currently indicated by a note that says "go back and add some character development."
There's always one more quirk in the character: Cricket and her ideas about romance. Man.

Books in progress:
Martin Cruz Smith, Stallion Gate; Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice

Thirty pages in, and I already want to kill Darcy with a shovel. Twice. Three times if I like it.

Books read: Dennis Lehane, Mystic River
Things I'm glad I didn't go to my grave without: via tamnonlinear, lyrics to John Gorka's "Carnival Knowledge," which I link here for stillsostrange's convenience.

wyldflamingo with a writeup of Writer's Weekend. I believe photos will be forthcoming over at jaylake.

Aha, yes, here they are: Bear Lake and If We're Going To Hell, We Might As Well Take The Big Car.

The whole set includes some profoundly unflattering photos of me.

sartorias on narrative voice.

The glamour!: Oh, god, this apartment is a pit. :-P

Also, OMG, I need to get Comicon plane tickets. Eee. I wonder where that voucher I got from United for being abandoned in Madison is....

Anyway, here is my current tentative schedule, subject to change, can't speak for the other panelists actually being there, a signing and giveaway of (book to be named later, possibly Worldwired, possibly Carnival uncorrected proofs) will still be added at the Random House table, and I will be working booth-bunny for Mysterious Galaxy and Random House pretty much consistently, so you know where to find me. etc etc etc, disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer:

THURSDAY, JULY 20 -- 11:30-1:00 Room 2

Fantasy -- the Big Books

Elizabeth Bear  BLOOD & IRON
James Clemens SHADOWFALL
George R.R. Martin FEAST FOR CROWS
Jenna Rhodes FOUR FORGES
Moderator: Maryelizabeth Hart, Mysterious Galaxy

(fangirl moment)


THURSDAY, JULY 20 - 4:00 - 5:00, Room 1B
Through a Glass Darkly - Looking at the Future

Is SF/F getting too bloody depressing and denying us escape from grim reality?


Elizabeth Bear WORLDWIRED
Josh Conviser ECHELON

(another fangirl moment) 

Autograph Session to follow in the Comic-Con Autograph Area approximately 5:00 to 6:00 PM - time and table number to be confirmed…


Signing at the Mysterious Galaxy booth: Saturday, July 22 -- 10:00 am

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