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I escaped from the Dungeon of Matociquala!

I killed Immlass the orc, Mekkavandexter the cockatrice, Rgljr69 the nymph, Enegim the goblin, Anaparenna the dragon, Sosostris2012 the rat and Opportunitygrrl the rat.

I looted the Sceptre of Reading, the Dagger of Paulmelko, the Amulet of Shadowhelm, the Axe of Aitchellsee, the Dagger of Fantasygoat, the Crown of Tgabrielle, the Sword of Renakuzar, the Wand of Rosamund, the Crown of Michaelnolan, the Axe of I Spy, the Dagger of Cassandraclare, the Wand of Oracne, the Shield of Meathelmet, the Armour of Rahalia Cat, the Shield of Witchqueen, the Crown of Epicyclical, the Sceptre of Eco-gothic, the Shield of Andyhat, the Axe of Supergee, the Crown of Katallen, the Crown of Daveamongus, a Figurine of Cathemery, the Sword of Thoughtcrime, the Shield of Resar and 168 gold pieces.

Score: 668

Explore the Dungeon of Matociquala and try to beat this score,
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Best encounter:

You read the scroll marked 'TRAGIC GLASS'. You hear the sound of elizabethan poetry in the distance.
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