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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

whatever makes a soldier sad will make a killer cry

Well, there you go. It's the name.


Curious, esp as legend has it that his namesake died in a bar-room brawl :)

(Yes, I know that's not quite the case)
There was a little incident of a caning on the High Street in Canterbury, as well.


Actually, the rep we assign Master Marlowe fits Master Jonson even better--supposedly, Jonson once took--I think it was Marston's--own pistol away from Marston and whipped him with it.
I always did like Jonson. But query: why do you 'whip' someone with a pistol when (a) the same action with any other object is not called whipping and (b) it bears almost no relation to any action that you might perform with a whip?
Indeed - but a curiously permanent one (not that many make it into the dictionary), and I just don't think it works. Metaphor is meant to describe one thing by reference to another thing (I love our job - we talk about stuff in terms of what it is not), and - well, nah. Whips are all about reach and flexibility and sting (or so I am given to understand - actually I was whipped once, across the face and by accident, and yup, that stung) whereas to pistol-whip is to club, effectively, which has none of those attributes...

Lordy, do the words 'displacement activity' mean nothing to me? I must go back to my book again, to my lonely book with a sigh...


I was about to suggest that you take it up with whoever coined the term, but I haven't a time machine handy.

Otherwise, you and I would not have these deadline woes.


Ooh, well murked - I didn't know that.

I would go on, but I'm typing this one-handed - imagine a cat ambushing the mouse-hand and just not letting go, with neither claws nor teeth...
Didja know that Hollywood execs originally wanted to give Kim Novak the stage name of Kit Marlowe? [Her birth name was Marilyn Pauline Novak, and she wanted something a little closer than that.]

I'm so glad she resisted, because it would've made searching for info on our Kit that much harder.

Still, what might've been...
[I believe there's also a composer named Christopher Marlowe, and IMDB turns up a costume designer. It's beginning to feel a lot like a Jasper Fforde gathering...]
I did not know this.
There's also a literary critic (possibly a grad student; he works on an online lit-scholarship project I'm also involved with) named Christopher Marlowe. He works on Renaissance ideas about male friendship, actually, which is just awesome. (It's even better than the fact that there's a Miltonist out there named Appelbaum...)
*dies happy*
Oh God, this would be too funny if it weren't so sad.
That was my reaction, too. Sort of "Ooch! D'oh!"

Google alerts is a weird and wonderful thing.
Marlow, a marine from Texas...you only get three strikes, no matter what your name is..