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negligent bear

We of course forgot to mention yesterday amid the friendpimping that a certain Charles Stross has a pretty good book out this week too. Ahem.

Or perhaps we thought his book came out end of July. Because we suck.

Also, writing processy post on glass_cats, in which Sarah and I out ourselves as members of Generation X.

Also, I've noticed I have a tendency to cut scenes where the commercial break would go.

Yeah, I know. I'm here all week.

Not that anybody cares, but I feel the need to mention that this track is the unofficial music for The Stratford Man movie trailer dream I had a few years back. There were a lot of wings. And people jumping through black mirrors. And wings. And passionate smooching. And pretty boys staring over their shoulders with startled expressions.

This is why I almost never remember my dreams. They are lacking in a concrete and linear narrative. And apparently directed by John Woo.

Did I mention the wings?

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