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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

negligent bear

We of course forgot to mention yesterday amid the friendpimping that a certain Charles Stross has a pretty good book out this week too. Ahem.

Or perhaps we thought his book came out end of July. Because we suck.

Also, writing processy post on glass_cats, in which Sarah and I out ourselves as members of Generation X.

Also, I've noticed I have a tendency to cut scenes where the commercial break would go.

Yeah, I know. I'm here all week.

Not that anybody cares, but I feel the need to mention that this track is the unofficial music for The Stratford Man movie trailer dream I had a few years back. There were a lot of wings. And people jumping through black mirrors. And wings. And passionate smooching. And pretty boys staring over their shoulders with startled expressions.

This is why I almost never remember my dreams. They are lacking in a concrete and linear narrative. And apparently directed by John Woo.

Did I mention the wings?


We are kind of Gen X poster children in that little essay, aren't we?

::has no shame::
we may have done embarrassed ourselves
Picked up Glasshouse at Uncle Hugos yesterday. Book budget is already shot, so I left their last B & I on the shelf, with instructions to have another one waiting for me mid-July when I can afford it!
I do not blame you your choice at all. *g*

*last* one? Wow. Jamie said at WisCon that pre-orders were going well....
I feel obligated to say that my bookstore has a healthy amount and does mail order. *g*



Considering that I just got a review that wanted a book set in 1997 to reference 9/11? (The sequel, set in 2004, mentioned them in passing... but one of the protags is a New Yorker and has some fairly serious survivor issues relating to the towers falling. Which I wasn't sure they actually would have, in that universe, but I decided if they hadn't, I would be expositing for half a chapter. So. Towers fell. I came up with a justification for it to happen even in a world where Faeries have broken through. Even though I suspect it would have gone differently...)

...you can't win. Do what the book wants.
Also, I've noticed I have a tendency to cut scenes where the commercial break would go.

I thought I was just too weird when I realized I did that in my fanfic - or that it was an artifact of the genre. My husband writes manga fanfic - he doesn't even consider breaking up into reasonably lengthed chapters! (imho)
Did I mention the wings?

Yes, but I thought you said "wigs" the first time. "There were a lot of wigs." I thought that was funny. :)
That's a few hundred years later. *g*