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Progress notes for 28 June 2006:


New Words:  404
Total Words:  69133
Pages: 315
Deadline: August 1
Words per day to meet deadline: 625
Reason for stopping: End of the edited pages, must work on Carnival page proofs.

I have 315 pages of coherent draft. Now I just have to tie this sucker off.

Stimulants:  seltzer
Exercise: none
Mail: Carnival cover flats
Today's words Word don't know: jowled, haemerythrin

Mean Things: The archinformist formerly known as Cricket has a crisis of conscience.
Jerry-rigging: Patched up a whole bunch of contradictory backstory and frontstory and thrashing to complete something resembling a coherent narrative. The plot holes are now officially no worse than the plot holes in Scardown, and hardly anybody seems to have noticed those.

Other writing-related work: Off to work on the Carnival page proofs. Spent some time plotting out A Companion to Wolves edits with truepenny. Corresponded with a Beloved Editor regarding the cover art for Whiskey & Water, which involved me pulling up photo references and making suggestions. Matthew is gloating; he is expected to be on this cover too.

I think Liz likes him.

The other character we expect to see illustrated is Lucifer, much to Kit's chagrin. *g* (I'm trying to talk them into letting Matthew wear his snazzy magic coat. We'll see.)

Books in progress:
Martin Cruz Smith, Stallion Gate; Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice
Tags: progress notes, undertow

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