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in celebration, I have ceremonially crucified my suck monkey atop my monitor. upside down.

I'm discovering something that pleases me, as I'm rereading Carnival for the thousandth time.

I don't hate it. It works. And I love the characters and the worldbuilding. And they're funny. Funny boys. Funny girl. Funny it.

And I read a good few pages of Blood and Iron at work today on my lunch break, and discovered that I didn't think that sucked, either. Actually, it kind of sucked me right in. This hasn't happened with a published novel... well, ever.

I may be off that particular plateau. Which would be nice, because I would like to be able to approach my books--once they're finished--with the same generousity as I attempt to approach the books of others.


In celebration of the apparent lack of suck in my work, currently, and because leahbobet suggested it, and because tomorrow is Canuckistanian independence day and Tuesday is American independence day, I would like to join several and many of my peers as we (collectively) hereby declare this to be International Freedom Suck Amnesty weekend. In whatever your artistic or life pursuits may be, you are hereby empowered, for the next four days, to a calm sense of confidence in the knowledge that you do not suck.

In fact, you may be figuring this thing out after all.

Tags: b&@k hate, revision wingeing, teh suck
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