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the reward for a job well done is another job to do.

I was working on the end of Scardown in January and February of 2003. (I tend to write the ends of books out of order--which may be why the end of Undertow is kind of crawling; I haven't actually written the last twenty pages yet, and usually by now I would have.)

It was a creepy synchronicity.

Godspeed, Discovery. Assuming the launch doesn't get scrubbed due to that heater....

I just broke 100,000 words for the year. Man, I have not been writing much in 2006.

But that's okay, because I don't suck! They're all great words! And I've done a lot of other important stuff!

Progress notes for 1 July 2006:


New Words:  247
Total Words: 71114 / 81250
Pages: 325
Deadline: August 1
Words per day to meet deadline: 605
Reason for stopping: going to the gym!

Stimulants:  canteloupe
Exercise: going to the gym, and then for a walk.
Mail: My contributor's copy of Subterranean 4 is not in yet, but other contributors have theirs, and it looks quite loffly in a hideously cliched way. Scott Westerfeld has... haiku. (leahbobet, katallen, I left him a rejection haiku. Because I could.) I of course think you should go buy it, so you can tell me how papersky's story is. *g*

Best evisceration of one of my short stories ever: SF Crow's Nest hates on Interzone 203, and specifically "Wane." Rarely have I been so succinctly and comprehensively panned.

There was another helping of Elizabeth Bear's New Amsterdam witch detective. 'Wane' was much the same as the others in the series and unless you're into the sort of thing, you'll treat it with a certain amount of indifference. There was nothing actually wrong with this story, it's just a case of personal preference.

I wonder if he's been rejected by Ellen Datlow? Because I have a small pile of rejections from her that end, more or less, "There is nothing actually wrong with this story, but I'm not going to buy it."

I think I got girl germs on the page. I also think I will now give up trying to explain any potential differences between a witch and a sorcerer.

Also, it looks as if it's official: I'll be reading at KGB on August 16th with William Shunn. (aka shunn) Come down! Bring a friend! No clue what I'm reading yet--maybe the cockatrice story? It's set in New York....

Today's words Word don't know: apports

Mean Things: spontaneous human combustion
Jerry-rigging: see below, for the continuity patch job.
There's always one more quirk in the character: Michelangelo is such a sexist pig. Just saying. Even when he doesn't mean to be.

Other writing-related work: I completed the page proofs for Carnival and sent in the changes. Hey! I like this book. Fancy that!

Behind the cut, for your amusement, I've reproduced my list of changes. Because, yanno, not everybody gets to see this stuff. I noticed one medium-sized continuity error while I was going over it and managed to cobble together a fix. When you see it, I predict that the published novelists will all wince in sympathy, and the unpublished novelists will wonder "How do you make such a boneheaded mistake? I would never do anything like that."

Heh. You just wait 'til you're in print. That's all I gotta say.

Carnival first pass page proof changes

1 July 2006

  1. Page XIX: please add "Sarah Monette" to the list of acknowledgements, before Ursula Whitcher

  2. Page 4, line 14: please change "tight" to "spiky"

  3. Page 8, line 34: please change "vital" to "mandated"

  4. Page 24, line 7: please delete comma after happen

  5. Page 24, line 8: please delete of course

  6. Page 24, line 16: please delete comma after descendents

  7. Page 24, line 17: please delete Lesa knew,

  8. Page 34, line 2: please delete , in public, so [matter of factly.] Please add a period to the end of the sentence, in place of the first deleted comma, above.

  9. Page 59, line 26: please change "squinted enough" to "crossed his eyes"

  10. Page 60, line 12: please change "Ambient radiance glowed from the walls, so as not to distract from the view overhead--a warm and flattering light." to "Light radiated from the walls--a flattering, ambient glow that did not distract from the view overhead."

  11. (And good lord, people, what were we thinking when we let that original sentence go through? Thog is out there lurking! Waiting! Ready to pounce!) 

  12. Page 81, line 14: please change "squeeze" to "caress"

  13. Page 85, line 14: please delete the after volley after

  14. Page 86, lines 34 & 35: please change "although he did growl something under his breath about being housebroken" to "although he did growl something about being housebroken under his breath"

  15. Page 102, line 3: please change "Because it didn't help with the nightmares." to "Because it didn't stop the nightmares."

  16. Page 127, line 1: please change "HAFAQAT" to "SHAFAQAT"

  17. Page 134, line 3: please change "dragging free of" to "fighting"

  18. Page 134, line 11: please change "pained" to "hurtful"

  19. Page 138, line 24: please add "We'll come back to it after." between "display." and the close quotes.

  20. (I seem to have sent them to lunch twice in the original manuscript, and lost a few hours in one of the plot threads. Oops. Fortunately, with a thirty-odd-hour-day, I can change one of those into a snack at teatime. :-P)

  21. Page 147, line 17: please delete of his feet

  22. Page 148, line 1: please change "WHEN" to "AFTER"

  23. Page 148, line 2: please add after after time

  24. Page 148, line 9: please change "lunchtime" to "teatime"

  25. Ahem. ;-)

  26. Page 149, line 1: please change "get" to "keep"

  27. Page 149, lines 1 and 2: please change "to set it up" to "to finish the setup."

  28. Page 151, line 22: please change "Do you want to get some lunch?" to "It's been hours since lunch."

  29. Also ahem.

  30. Page 159, line 18: please change "a controlled" to "an even"

  31. Page 165, line 25: please change "She" to "Katya"

  32. Page 168, line 4: please change "lap" to "thigh"

  33. Page 178, line 20: please change "shaped" to "warped"

  34. Page 190, line 9: please delete currently

  35. Page 217, line 7: please insert they between information and had

  36. Page 222, line 27: please change "eased" to "softened." Also, the kerning in this paragraph looks a little tight. Is it possible to open that out a little? There's a half-line of white at the end.

  37. Page 223, line 27: please delete "And" and capitalize the first letter in "though"

  38. Page 230, line 12: please change "table" to "tray"

  39. Page 233, line 5: please change "got" to "out"

  40. Page 256, line 8: please change "locked away" to "concealed"

  41. Page 256, line 15: please insert the between limit and threat

  42. Page 267, line 5: please change "heartbeat" to "heart beat"

  43. Page 277, line 27: please change "picked up" to "lifted"

  44. Page 286, line 3: please delete a

  45. Page 286, line 4: please delete she couldn't even feel

  46. Page 286, line 5: please change "That hair" into "The hair"

  47. Page 314, line 28: please delete big

  48. Page 314, line 28: please add a comma between said and as

  49. Page 314, line 32: please change "the" to "him"

  50. Page 314, line 33: please delete man

  51. Page 327, line 5: please add a comma after stockade

  52. Page 363, line 20: please delete down

  53. Page 367, line 33: please insert her between that and whole

  54. Page 378, line 5: please change "it" to "the cup"

  55. Page 395: please change "Transylvanian" to "Hutzul"

Books in progress: Martin Cruz Smith, Stallion Gate; Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice
Tags: carnival, progress notes, revision wingeing, undertow

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