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Well, Chris is away

Getting his public service jones on at Girls' State.

And I am... here. With two days off, and then work, and so forth.


The Stratford Man: 1818 words (some of which are research notes and Shakespearean and Marlovian quotes for use as chapter headers) (Yes! I am writing a book with Actual Chapters! ph33r my 133t writing ski11z.)

Reason for stopping: need to go mail postcards for Chris and scrounge up some lunch. Also, end of Chapter Two, so I need to get sorted out what happens in Will's next POV, since it's his turn.

So far, so good.

Quote of the day:

You must be proud, bold, pleasant, resolute—
And now and then stab, as occasion serves
--Christopher Marlowe, Edward II, act II, scene i

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