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Pictures to prove it. I've got the proof.

There is so much pimpage today, we can't even get it in the "mail" section!

First and foremost, Blood & Iron is one of AustGate's two Books of the Month. (The other one is Charles Stross's Glasshouse.) AustGate is offering a money-back offer on both of these books.

That is correct. If you hate the book, you can send it back, and they will refund your hard-earned dollars. From the AustGate blog:

If you buy the books from us, we'll take them back if you don't enjoy them and refund your return postage. (Though they *must* be in very good condition, no cracked spines or anything. Any book that comes in less than that will only have part of the money refunded.) No questions asked. If you don't like it, feel free to post a comment or mail me through the site. This is a bit of learning curve for me as well.

Risk free!

(In news from this continent, Clarkesworld Books ranks Glasshouse and Blood & Iron it's #2 and #3 best-sellers for last week, by the way, with the Move Underground trade paperback in number four.) 

And now, on to the shameless narcissism.

Review roundup:

Because I got absolutely the most fangirl omg-you-like-me squee out of it, Gavin! Grant! reviews Blood & Iron for Bookpage, and rather likes it. (At least, I think that's Gavin. It says so at the bottom of the page.)

There's also a review up of a new Fay Weldon novel. Covet. Covet.

And the Barnes & Noble website review is a positive rave. And they spelled Matthew's name right. reviews Interzone 201, including "Wax."

From the blogosphere, Once Upon An Albatross liked Worldwired. (spoilers for Scardown, but really, how do you not? The book cover spoilers Scardown...)

Infinitas Bookshop's reviewer didn't think much of Hammered, but thinks I may have learned something in the process of writing it.

Also from the blogosphere, Elizabeth of "Elizabeth's Book Log" liked Hammered enough to buy the next one, maybe.

Best summary of the book ever. EVER! Listen to this:

Jenny Casey’s a fifty-year-old veteran hiding from the Canadian army in a particularly nasty part of the ghettoized United States. Her antiquated artificial robot arm thingy is falling apart, and she needs treatment from the folks from whom she’s hiding. Hilarity ensues, along with some entertaining fight scenes and international/interplanetary corporate conspiracy stuff.

I want her to write my back cover copy from now on.

And that's the news from Lake Wobegon West Hartford.
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