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It's so much nicer thinking about the finished books than the unfinished ones

ten book-related things I know are pointless, but can't resist doing

10. Fiddling with optional commas on the page proofs.

9. Fretting over the grammar in my back cover copy.

8. Rewording sentences in order to get that one trailing word that's stranded on its own line gets sucked up to live with its friends in the rest of the paragraph.

7. Wondering if there's not a better way to phrase a sentence every time I type the word "was."

6. Ego-googling

5. Wincing at errors in books and stories that are in print.

4. Rolling my eyes at readers who obviously wished they were reading a different book.

3. Feeling cheered when I find comments from readers who obviously got what the book was doing, even if they hated it.

2. Contemplating hacking BookScan

1. Checking the Amazon page for Blood & Iron twice a day to see if anybody other than Harriet has reviewed it yet. (still not King!)
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