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If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

still not King.

Progress notes for 10 July 2006:


New Words:  2086
Total Words: 85,044 / 98,250
Pages: 393
Deadline: August 1
Words per day to meet deadline: 80
Scenes left / scenes myrtilized (notecards, if I were using notecards this book): 2.5 / 15.5
Reason for stopping: *moaning noises*

Oh dear me. This draft is a mess.

Fortunately, I don't think it's an unfixable mess. But man, I can't wait to finish something resembling a draft and ignore the damned thing for a week.

I might even finish it tomorrow, as it's a gym-and-social-life-free evening.

Stimulants:  Tazo giant peach
Exercise: weights, ski machine. There would have been treadmill but my hip voted no.
Mail: More blog reviews. Maybe I should stop linking these.

wychwood is kind of ehn on the Jenny books.

liret is much less ehn on Blood & Iron. (among other books)

Today's words Word don't know: deathgrip

Mean Things: we're nearly to the gunfight.
Jerry-rigging: Going to have to go back and put in a scene that explains why the alien invasion vanished, aren't I?
Other writing-related work: read another chapter of The Mirador
Books in progress: Martin Cruz Smith, Stallion Gate; Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice;
The glamour!: It's hot and discusting here.
Tags: progress notes, undertow

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