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consciousness is an illusion, semiconsciousness doubly so

of course, before the alarm went off, I was lying in bed, enjoying the fact that it had cooled off enough that I was not sticking to the sheets. and I was musing on the ending of Undertow (it's Undertoad in my head, of course, but everybody had to know that already) and my semiconscious self was convinced it had come up with a Much Better Ending than the one I currently have.

and then the alarm went off, and it vanished.

now, I'm experienced enough to realize that I hadn't actually solved the world's problems and developed a solution for peace in our time, and that really it was all just my neurons misfiring on the edge of sleep. but it's still an evil thing for one's brain to do to one first thing in the morning. especially since my unsolution is still picking at the edge of my brain, and probably will all day.

anyway, I'm sure I'll figure out a better ending as soon as I write this one.
Tags: on this little froggy head, undertow

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