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There are a bunch of new people around, and truepenny just reminded me of the existence of such a thing, so I thought I'd mention that hernewshoes moderates an unofficial Elizabeth Bear discussion forum on livejournal over at worldwire.

I do drop by occasionally, but if anybody wants to, you know, talk about stuff without feeling like I'm breathing down their neck, that would be a great place to do it.

In other news, I'm pleased to be able to announce that one of the sekrit projects has come to fruition...or at least set blossom, and I have permission to talk about it now.

Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press will be editing a collection of my New Amsterdam shorts. There will be a trade hadcover, and a slipcased signed limited edition, which will come with a bonus chapbook story.

The ToC will be as follows (in order by story chronology rather than publication date):

"Lucifugous," originally appearing in the (forthcoming) Subterranean 5, a novella (I'm promised Tim Truman illustrations for this--it involves Sebastien, and a murder mystery aboard a dirigible. I can barely wait to see what it looks like.)
"Wax," originally appearing in Interzone 201, a novelette
"Wane," originally appearing in Interzone 203, a novelette
"Limerent" (which is probably going to be the final title of the story I've been calling "Paddareen"), currently unpublished (and only partially written), a novelette
"Chatoyant," currently unpublished (and unwritten), a novelette
"Lumière," (which is probably going to be the final title of the story I've been calling "Les Innocents")currently unpublished (and unwritten), a novella

The chapbook story will be a previously unpublished short called "Almost True," which features Abby Irene's first appearance.

I'm supposed to deliver those last three stories by the end of the year. No rest for the wicked! The whole thing actually bears a striking resemblance to a fix-up novel, as there is a complete unifying external arc.

Working title for the collection is New Amsterdam, unless/until we come up with something better.

This, conveniently, gives me another excuse to pimp Subterranean 4, which contains not only my short story, "The Inevitable Heat Death of the Universe," but fiction and opinion by new and established, nay, award-winning (dare I even say New York Times best-selling?) authors and editors such as:

Rachel Swirsky
Charles Coleman Finlay and James Allison
John Joseph Adams
Stuart MacBride
Scott Westerfeld
Gillian Polack
Ann Leckie
Jo Walton
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Allen M. Steele
Tobias S. Buckell and Ilsa J. Bick
Bruce Arthurs
Dean Cochrane
Ron Hogan
Nick Sagan
Chris Roberson
David Klecha
John Scalzi

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