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December 2021



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More than 135 dead in Mumbai blasts

Indian television showed pictures of badly wounded people sprawled on tracks and being carried to ambulances. Doors and windows were blown off the train cars, and luggage and debris were strewn about. In the background were twisted and torn train compartments being drenched by the heavy monsoon rains.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for what appeared to be bombings, but the blasts came in quick succession – a common tactic employed by Kashmiri militants who have repeatedly targeted India's cities.


This is just horrendous, but sadly not untypical. I've been trying to get in touch with Ashok Banker, who is in Mumbai (if anyone has his email, can they let me know?)

I remember looking at a machine gun turret on the corner of a Hindu temple and thinking: something not right there.
The last email I have for him is
Many thanks! I'll give it a go.
Yeah, I saw that on CNN when I was at the bank earlier. Words just do not suffice. And during the monsoon rains, no less - the city floods like crazy during the rains.
Ah, but those nice Kashmiri militants are in the pay of the Pakistani ISI, and Pakistan is our ally in the war against terror! So those commuters are obviously Iraqi insurgents or something.

What? You say the Pakistani military aren't our friends? Why do you hate America?!?
I'm sure the commuters were all Al Qaeda.
9/11, Madrid, Jakarta, London, Bombay... The death toll climbs and the numbers of badly injured and the lives disrupted. And we call them "militants." Should we go back to our history books and label the Nazis as "militants"?
The Kashmir situation has virtually nothing to do with 9/11, Madrid, Jakarta, or London. It's like confusing the Nazis with, oh, the non-peaceful Indian independence movement against the British empire.

And this lack of common goals/values led to an armed fued between the Kashmiri terrorists and the AQ type international jehadis. The latter were kicked out of the Indian part of Kashmir, and the reason given by many homegrown terrorists, was that the AQ types cared nought for Kashmir.

But no one denies the ISI or the cross border connection.
The Kashmir situation has virtually nothing to do with 9/11, Madrid, Jakarta, or London.

Perhaps not the political situation per se, but certainly the Kashmiri terrorists, Al Qaida, and whoever else was involved in the Madrid, Jakarta and London massacres, share the same sort of tactics. Namely, the targeting of civilians.
Oh, how many civilians did the "non-peaceful Indian independence movement" deliberately slaughter in terror campaigns? I know a lot of people died -- Muslims and Hindus -- in religious riots (mostly, I believe, after independence was pretty much a sure thing) but I am not aware of the Indian independence movement setting up concentration camps for the systematic murder of millions of people nor am I aware of them getting their kicks by slaughtering innocent people who were going about their daily lives.

9/11, Madrid, Jakarta, London, (and the list could be made longer, how about that Russian elementary school last year?) and now Bombay are all examples of deliberate slaughter of innocent people for the purpose of causing terror (and, I suppose, a certain sadistic joy in spilling blood and sending body parts flying about). And news accounts (Reuters comes to mind) of these events use terms like "militants" because they don't want to appear prejudicial and use a nasty word like "terrorist."

I really don't care what particular cause this particular group of filthy scum may or may not be supporting. I am horrified by their actions.