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Here's to the boys I kissed and to complete the list

And, just in case I was going to get cocky, the State of the To-Do List:

Carnival page proofs
Undertow draft

ASAP, once it *is* possible:

Whiskey & Water CEM
Get the freaking truck fixed--it needs, let's see, a windshield, brakes, an exhaust system, shocks, an oil change, a tuneup,  new tires.
Undertow revision post-editorial comments from Jenn and Anne and first readers.

August 1

Undertow revision

September 1

A Companion to Wolves revision
All the Windwracked Stars proposal
finish "War Stories"
finish "1796"
finish "Chatoyant"
article for ASIM
article for Broad Universe

December 31

Dust proposal
finish "Limerent"
finish "Lumière"

April 1

Space Opera Novella

When convenient, but preferably before I have to draft any more damned novels, which would mean, oh, January 31 or so:

draft of the ground-up rewrite of All the Windwracked Stars
revise By the Mountain Bound and The Sea thy Mistress
finish "Orm the Beautiful"
finish "Periastron"
finish "Dark on Wednesdays"
finish "The Death of Terrestrial Radio"
finish "King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree"
finish "Black is the Color"
finish "On Safari in R'lyeh and Carcosa with Gun and Camera"
finish "The Rest of your Life in a Day."
put together a ToC for a Promethean Age short story collection and send it out to shake its booty

In case you were thinking this writing-for-a-living gig is easy. :-P

Tags: honeydew, if it were easy it wouldn't be fun, lives of unparalleled glamour

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