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bear by san

December 2021



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bear by san


So, I am so totally using this little phenomenon in Patience & Fortitude..

Just saying so now.


Oooh, tres cool!
sometimes the universe collaborates with me. *g*
...that is pretty cool.

For values of cool that get Lyda Morehouse to declare me an enemy of humanity. *g*
On a similar note, come to Cambridge sometime for MIThenge. Even though the page hasn't been updated in a while, they have the schedule up through 2100.

Unrelated note: Scardown got another great review at Eagle's Path. Another 8/10 with lots of raves like "I'm very impressed" and "If you liked Hammered, this is even better. Keep reading."
Shiny! Thank you!
*g* I know, but I'm not writing a novels dealing with the metaphysics of MIT!
Beaten to it!


you could fire up the Spindizzy and line those steets up with the equinox(es)
I don't know how frequently it happens, but the moon sometimes does the same thing. I only noticed it once (I haven't looked often), but a sickle moon rising between between the avenues as I faced south down Manhattan was pretty spiffy, too.

And yet another reason to look forward to P&F.
Very nice! That would also be a great effect for the cover. :)
Naw-ice! Will it be used in some sunset-specific uber-spell or just for atmosphere?

'cuz really, both good either way :D
Well, the whole thing hangs on the metaphysics of Manhattan as magical construct, so--
--so YES! HA-HA!

*i'm calm, i'm calm, the nice men in white don't have to get out of their van ...* :D
Oh, yes.

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Didn't you mention that in something else of yours I read recently? Or was that someone else? I read too many books.

(because you clearly know which of your books anyone is reading at one time, I finished both Blood & Iron and all the stories in The Chains You Refuse within the last week.)
er. that was me. forgot I was logged in under that name. oops.
Um. There's a mention in either B&I or W&W about how you usually *can't* see a sunset on Manhattan....