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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


Waterspouts spotted near the Tappan Zee bridge; dangerous storm warning for Eastern New York and New Jersey; tornados expected.

Be careful out there, okay, guys? I mean, this is great stuff for the next Promethean Age book, but let's keep the casualties fictional.


The just did an emergency break in on the radio. A waterspout *was spotted* on the Hudson. Tornados, yes.

Watch out, 'kay?

NOAA warning link:

I will! Thanks for the warning!
Eep. I only saw tornado watches, and then they went away and it was back to the usual summer mix of thunderstorm warnings and flash flood watches and such. (Manhattan is comparatively safe from tornadoes, because of the heat island effect, but that's a very local phenomenon, and I wouldn't count on it up at this end of the island.)
I am very glad everybody seems to be safe. Phew.
*is thankful not to be crossing the TZB today, as that's my usual route...*

We had a Significant Windburst here about an hour ago -- even I, who delights in high winds and thunder, was wondering how sturdy the basement was...
You're under a tornado warning, or right next door to one.


Do be careful.
yeah, our volleyball game was postponed until tomorrow. We're a bunch of wusses, not wanting to play volleyball on the beach in the middle of a storm...

going to go see a movie, instead. Movie houses are relatively safe.
*awaits ironic announcement that the movie in question is "Twister" or "The Perfect Storm"*
nah, PotC2. Bucklin' a swash in the middle of the storm....
Imagine driving 20 m.p.h. on I-95 because the rain was so heavy.

I don't have to *imagine* it, because I just did that on my way back from Stonington. No wind to speak of, just incredible rain.

I was doing that on Route 2 in the hail last week.

Weird weather.

Seen any raining frogs? Reining frogs? Reigning frogs? Anything like that?
Yikes, I know people who live there! Better make some calls tonight.
I'm doing a class at the Mohegan reservation this summer. Our director was insisting that we were fine for working outside, since the storms were only at New Haven. That didn't work out so well.

So far, here in Willimantic we just have the rain. I'd have kinda liked a waterspout.
I'm having a serving of that same soup!


Soup. :-P
Ahhh, *that* explains all the rain we've been getting in MA this evening ...
Tornados?! It is seriously coming down here, with immense and impressive bouts of lightening and thunder, but, tornados?
They did the "emergency broadcast system" warning about them in *Hartford.*

I know, the last tornado I can remember in this area was the one at Bradley in what, the 1970s???