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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter dead

Every stone a story like a rosary

Progress notes for 12 July 2006:

"The Rest of your Life in a Day."

Which is about Matthew and Kelly Szczegielniak in 1982 or thereabouts.

New Words:  595
Total Words: 595
Pages: 5
Deadline: none. because of course I couldn't be mugged by either of the shorts I owe.
Reason for stopping: bed
Stimulants:  cream cheese bagel
Exercise: weights, ski machine
Mail: money!
Today's words Word don't know: depilation, scrunchy 
Mean Things: scrotal tattooing.
Darling du jour:  The tattoo artist was Yukako Kobayashi, and she was in her sixties or seventies--or possibly older; with her hair skinned back in a bun, her cheekbones lifted like unfurling wings under button-bright eyes. She was tiny in her batwing sweaters and leggings, scrunchy elf boots pooled at her ankles, and Matt was just barely thankful that she hadn't opted for the Laura Holt hair to complete the outfit.
Books in progress: Martin Cruz Smith, Stallion Gate; Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice;
The glamour!: I just spent two hours researching penis tattoos. I do not get paid enough for this gig.


Laura Holt hair!


Also a pretty mean thing.
I googled for it, and I have to ask: *which* Laura Holt hair is so awful as to cause trauma?

The cascading-but-uptight waterfall look, the barbie look, or the fedora hair? Or some fourth, awfuller option?
barbie hair. has to be.
Ooh, visual references. Thank you!

And: fedora hair! I had to google too, because to tell the truth I never heard of Laura Holt (long and boring story, best summed up by my college friend Marie as "Where have you been living? In a jar?"), but in 1978 I had hair like that, and that year, my mother bought me a fedora. (I still have it. I still sometimes wear it. Does it still count as pathetic if I have no consciousness of Laura Holt and thus garner no irony points?)

As for penis tattoos, a very long time ago I worked now and then as a face painter at various festivals and events. A man somewhat the worse for wine once asked in a leering fashion if I'd paint his male appurtenance. I informed him crisply that I did not do miniatures, and let the teasing of his also-the-worse-for-wine friends administer the coup de grace while I made a strategic retreat.
I have just been reading a lot of message boards frequented by tattoo artists, and the best dodge I've heard so far for those who do not wish to do the tattooing was "You have to bring your own fluffer."
Heh. And heh.

Well, the Devil does make him take his underpants off.

...in an entirely clinical way.


You enjoy doing things like that to the poor boy, admit it.

-- moi (LJ keeps logging me out)
*g* Actually, Kadiska's baiting in B&I would tend to indicate that yeah, the tats are all over.

Poor Matthew. His sex life, such as it is, is so very interesting to everyone around him.
a sailor freind showed me an older book on decorative mutilations, that had a spread (?) on another sailor, who looked like Popeye. Dude had over a hundred pieces of metal, jewelery and beads stuck into his male device...

I have been trying to forget for years...

Obviously, any sort of sex was out of the question...I hope..Really, i don't want to know.. I'm old fashioned that way

YOu research penile tattooing and yet do not provide us with links? Harrumph!
I read a lot of badly written posts on message boards. *g*