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Oh, and a review roundup. Nearly forgot.

Eagle's Path reviews Scardown favorably.

A Usenet review of Blood & Iron by Andrew Plotkin, who I also seem to have confused completely, but who says incredibly nice things about the book.  This is not the time to confess that I didn't mean to be confusing, is it? Nah, didn't think so. (It's all the fault of unclear journeyman writing the incredible complexity of my concepts!)

Charlie Stross liked it too. (He also briefly comments on a bunch of other worthies, including mevennen's book. *g*) In another thread, I was reminded of why I never post to the Usenet groups I read. I'm too old for it, I suspect.

I think I linked one of these before, but not both: Once Upon an Albatross reviews Scardown and Worldwired.

Both Blood & Iron and The Chains that you Refuse are Locus New & Notable books.

Jenn's Books liked Blood & Iron. (I can't believe the reviews and comments this book is getting. I've fooled you all!) And bookofkell liked B&I too.  (Yes, I ran a blogsearch. Because I am nosey.)

Okay, straw poll: do I keep posting the reviews I collect unlocked, stick them under a friends-lock, or just post them privately so I can find them later?
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