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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Oh, and a review roundup. Nearly forgot.

Eagle's Path reviews Scardown favorably.

A Usenet review of Blood & Iron by Andrew Plotkin, who I also seem to have confused completely, but who says incredibly nice things about the book.  This is not the time to confess that I didn't mean to be confusing, is it? Nah, didn't think so. (It's all the fault of unclear journeyman writing the incredible complexity of my concepts!)

Charlie Stross liked it too. (He also briefly comments on a bunch of other worthies, including mevennen's book. *g*) In another thread, I was reminded of why I never post to the Usenet groups I read. I'm too old for it, I suspect.

I think I linked one of these before, but not both: Once Upon an Albatross reviews Scardown and Worldwired.

Both Blood & Iron and The Chains that you Refuse are Locus New & Notable books.

Jenn's Books liked Blood & Iron. (I can't believe the reviews and comments this book is getting. I've fooled you all!) And bookofkell liked B&I too.  (Yes, I ran a blogsearch. Because I am nosey.)

Okay, straw poll: do I keep posting the reviews I collect unlocked, stick them under a friends-lock, or just post them privately so I can find them later?


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I vote for leaving them unlocked. I find it fascinating how differently people react to the same book.
Isn't it? I *love* that. It reminds me how much of the book comes from the reader's head.

And also that the goal is not to please everybody. Just to please the people who are predisposed by temperament to fall into sympathy with my stuff.
From a marketing perspective, it'd probably be good to leave them open without friends lock.

Your blog, for instance, has a page rank of 4/10, which is pretty good (Bloggasm has a pr of 5/10 and will probably be bumped up to 6/10 pretty soon). Whenever you have a link to a review, you lend it page rank, which bumps its relevance up in google, which then in turn increases the chance of somebody stumbling upon the review through a google search by accident.

If you friends lock it, google bots might have trouble tracking the links, therefore making them worthless from a page rank view-point.
Personally, I'm just interested in the reviews. So if you're still collecting 'em, I still wanna read 'em.
*g* I'm trying not to let the blog slide into TOTAL narcissism. But my narcissism-detector may be broken....
Um...May I have another, please, Bear?
Leave 'em up, absolutely.

Wow, Plotkin loved the hell out of that book. I am being compelled to break my years-long moratorium on fantasy novels.
*g* I keep looking at that review, and the Gavin Grant one (I love the "Bear has faith in her readers" thing; I'm like "Of course I do!") and going "But it's not THAT complicated! I spent months--years--trying to explain everything without seeming like I was explaining!"


You try to write fantasy with a fairly stiff historical scaffolding, you need to 'splain more, I guess.

Thank you!

Thank you for finding my blog! Clarissa wintersweet pointed me towards your books, and while I am not usually a fan of hard science fiction, whenever we get a new shipment of Hammered I will give it a try simply because I have fallen in love with your writing style.

Re: Thank you!

Thank you! I saw Clarissa mentioned your post the other day. (I think it was the other day? End of book, brain not wooooorky right.)*g*
I thought about you today - I got an e-mail from one of my mailing lists entitled "Williamson, Bear win Hainlein awards." I was very pleased for you until I read the article and saw they meant the other Bear. Oh, well. Congratulations anyway, so there!
Make that the Heinlein awards. I really should be in bed now, instead of trying to type.
Another vote for unlocked.

and I can't say no to a woman with a detonator.

There are just a few more of the dratted things than I am used to, currently, and I feel like they are TAKING OVER.
Fair enough, and a cogent argument.
Hey, Charlie also thinks I ought to write an urban fantasy elf-punk Anime film script.

Watch this space.
Charlie has a lot of very good ideas.

i enjoy the links... i say post unlocked or friends only. But then, i live vicariously through others, hence my LJ addiction, so - honestly - do what your heart says. :)
Thanks for your vote!
*jumps on the consensus wagon*
One of your bunnies is in W&W. *g* FYI.

Angels like your t-shirts.
*looks innocent*
I think the reviews are interesting..so not only your books rock but you also have the greatest collection of icons. I esp. like the guote form Vannegut.
Thank you!

I love icons. I'm fascinated by them as a sort of form of miniature art/narrative.

Also! They're shiny!
I just finished up World Wired while I was on vacation in Italy. I really enjoyed the series. You had a lot of nice ideas and the text flowed nicely. The story moved along quickly and held my interest.

I am really looking forward to reading Blood and Iron. :)
Thank you! I'm still learning, but I work hard. *g*
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