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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I love my dead gay job.

So, um. I need a couple of volunteers.

Really, this is research.

I need a tattoo artist or five who are willing to answer questions regarding the process. (I know at least two read this journal occasionally; knowing the magic of livejournal, I expect another one will be along in a minute.)

And, er. I need somebody who's willing to talk about CBT (not in the interactive computing nor the psychotherapy senses, but the BDSM one), from the point of view of the recipient thereof, and answer a few technical and sensory questions.

Since I don't have the requisite physiology, I need somebody who's willing to be frank. Confidentiality respected, of course.

Comments are screened. Email will reach me at the usual place ([this journal name] at gmail dot com).




I have nothing to contribute to the query. I just wanted to say that your Heathers reference post title completely slayed me. :-)
We had heathers in my high school, but they were Jennifers instead. *g*
you know who you should email? is Mistress Matisse on blogspot -- she's awesome and knows seemingly alot about the CBT ifnyouknowwhatimean, I bet she would be more than happy to help (as she often posts about BDSM accuracy in fiction and she LOVES reading). She probably has plenty of boys that would answer the recipient question, too

she's also at www.mistressmatisse.com but yanno not SFW.
Thanks! The poor woman may not thank you for sending me to her, though.
One of Mistress M's partners is Monk at twistedmonk.blogspot . com. He makes hemp rope for bondage, and is usually quite happy to answer questions if he isn't busy stringing somebody up. :)
Well, the icon was a clue. *g*

Poor T. If he starts sleeping in the tub with the bathroom door locked, you will know why.
see, I would have linked it, but I was trying to protect the innocent.

Some innocents will not be protected, hwoever.
I also want to know what CBT means, and I can't google it because I'm at work. Pretty please someone break the suspense and just tell me already?

Dammit, I hate being so fucking curious. This is why I cannot work in politics or be a reporter. Someone would put a contract on me in no time.
"Cock and Ball Torture"
The first time I heard that acronym, I said, "Connecticut Bank and Trust?"
ALSO a possibility.
You have come to a very interesting juncture in your literary efforts, no? :D
The places these people lead me to.

Just saying.

via feyandstrange

I wouldn't say that I'm a currently practicing tattooist - I haven't done any work in years - but I did give many tattoos over the course of a couple of years a while back, so... um, yeah, my words not so good right now. :P If you have questions, let me know, I'd be happy to answer them. ;)

Re: via feyandstrange

Thanks! Would you drop me an email, if you don't mind?


I knew what CBT meant. But I'm not very helpful, as I'm not involved with anyone who lives for it.

Re: *blink*

*g* I need a boy perspective anyway. But thank you!
I know! I have a query in to her, but she may be busy and occupied and so on. *g* Or, maybe hate me.

But I doubt that part.
I don't hate you silly woman! And we have begun the emails - whoohoo! :)