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I love my dead gay job.

So, um. I need a couple of volunteers.

Really, this is research.

I need a tattoo artist or five who are willing to answer questions regarding the process. (I know at least two read this journal occasionally; knowing the magic of livejournal, I expect another one will be along in a minute.)

And, er. I need somebody who's willing to talk about CBT (not in the interactive computing nor the psychotherapy senses, but the BDSM one), from the point of view of the recipient thereof, and answer a few technical and sensory questions.

Since I don't have the requisite physiology, I need somebody who's willing to be frank. Confidentiality respected, of course.

Comments are screened. Email will reach me at the usual place ([this journal name] at gmail dot com).


Tags: all knowledge is contained in lj, ask a stupid question, but that trick never works, face down in the cheerios again, the writer at work, this is for posterity
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