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December 2021



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Two news flashes that are interesting in light of some of the medical tech in Hammered:


Researchers have shown how nerve cells can grow along bundles of a special fibre, which has properties similar to spider silk.

They hope the silk will encourage cell re-growth across severed nerves, possibly even in damaged spinal cords.


"The results hold out the promise to one day be able to activate limb muscles with these brain signals, effectively restoring brain to muscle control via a physical nervous system," said John Donoghue, director of the brain science programme at Brown University, Rhode Island, and chief scientific officer of Cyberkinetics, the company behind the brain implant.

Professor Donoghue's work is published today in Nature. He describes how, after a few minutes spent calibrating the implant, Mr Nagle could read emails and play the computer game Pong. He was able to draw circular shapes using a paint programme and could also change channel and turn up the volume on a television, even while talking to people around him. After several months, he could also operate simple robotic devices such as a prosthetic hand, which he used to grasp and move objects.



This one is a little bit old, but in the same vein. (from 2002)
Funny you should link that one. I read it when I researching and writing the Jenny books.
There is a certain timelessnes to the internet that is wonderful. (Of course there are a lot of dead links too, but it is still easier to find something that you saw 5 years ago online than 5 years ago in a journal.)
Dat's only d'start. Check dis out:,71364-0.html?tw=wn_technology_medtech_2

If that isn't Gibson-esque, I don't know what is.
Quick bonus article:

(Between the ability to reset/pause my genetic clock and the possibility of a machine body, I think I'm gonna be alive for a while. Helloooooo, orbital bungie jumping!)
Are you referring to this story: ?
Hey, I interviewed John Donoghue when I worked on the "Star Wars" exhibition at the Boston Museum of Science. We talked about mind-machine interfaces (loosely connected to Darth Vader and Luke's biomech hand for the exhibit) and he said he was working on something big. Coooool.

I believe you are correct. Not learning motor skills might likely be more of a brain/neurological problem.


Just love it.