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Progress notes for 13 July 2006:

Yep. The novel finished, the short stories plunge like lemmings to clear themselves from my brain.

two scenes written; seven to be going on with.

"The Rest of your Life in a Day."

New Words:  1340
Total Words: 1935
Pages: 9
Deadline: none. because of course I still couldn't be mugged by either of the shorts I owe. I'm thinking about "War Stories," though.

My goal is to finish all of the outstanding short fiction before I have to start another new novel draft.

Reason for stopping: end of scene

Stimulants:  milk, beer.
Exercise: none
Mail: proofreader queries for Carnival and "Sonny Liston Takes The Fall"

burger_eater hated Blood & Iron with a profound deep hate, for exactly the same reasons that james_nicoll didn't like it. (Spoilers. Spoilers. OMG teh spoilers. Fair warning.) And it's probably wrong to react with glee to a review of my work that involves this much vitriol. But I will quote one sentence of his rant here:

"What kind of dumbass tries to paint themselves as victim and monster in the same argument?"

I leave that as an exercise to the class. And dance off, crowing to myself, "the book works, it works, it works."

Today's words Word don't know: tattooist, Tsarevich, psych, chested

Mean Things: still with the scrotal tattoos. That's worth two days of mean. And Kelly's being a jerk.
Darling du jour:  "Perfectly normal reaction," she said, and bent his penis to the left to get a better angle.
Jerry-rigging: I'm patching bits of "The Firebird" and "Beautiful Vassilisa" into the narrative. Challenging!
There's always one more quirk in the character: Kelly smokes camels. Who knew?

Other writing-related work: All the Windwracked Stars proposal
Books in progress: Martin Cruz Smith, Stallion Gate; Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice;
The glamour!: did the dishes. blew off archery because I really, really need to spend some time in my coccoon.
Tags: progress notes, reviews, short fiction

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