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Do I have to write a synopsis?

Can't I just put, "She's a not-quite fallen angel with a bad case of survivor guilt; he's a nineteen-year-old gigolo and semi-professional kickboxer; he's a steam-powered warhorse; she's a kitten with a monofilament whip; he's a child of Loki with terminal heartburn; they fight crime!"?

Maybe I can just transcribe the really funny bits of Joanna Russ's phone interview from WisCon (she'd just had--hip replacement surgery, I think? so she granted an interview via Chip Delany) in which she performed a feminist critique of Why Spike Is the Thinking Woman's Hott!! and call that a proposal.

(I just wrote her a hugely embarrassing fan letter. It was only my second or third real fan letter. But I had the Carnival ARC in front of me, and it seemed like a good idea at the time.)

No, huh?

By the way, you have thirteen more minutes to buy this book and still count as one of the cool kids.

Just saying.

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