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this is all truepenny's fault, and she knows why:

[01:14] matociquala: ...there's a buddy picture I would pay a lot of money for
[01:15] matociquala: And it'd be fun to put them in a box and make them fight.
[01:16] leahbobet: ...damn, that's actually a tough call.
[01:16] katallen: o.o
[01:16] leahbobet: Johnny Depp vs. Jeremy Brett.
[01:16] katallen: *pets*
[01:16] matociquala: Brett takes the early lead with his razor-sharp diction
[01:17] leahbobet: Depp has a sword.
[01:17] matociquala: But Depp shortly confuses him with off-the-wall method acting
[01:17] leahbobet: And eyeliner.
[01:17] katallen: but Brett has the edge on eye-brow raising too
[01:17] stillsostrange: and gold teeth
[01:17] matociquala: He does.
[01:17] stillsostrange: and dreads
[01:17] matociquala: But not morning coats.
[01:17] leahbobet: However, Brett smokebombs him with the pipe.
[01:17] matociquala: And Holmes can bend steel with his bare hands.
[01:17] matociquala: I think it comes down to whether we first run out of rum, or cocaine
[01:17] leahbobet: LOL
[01:17] katallen: heee
[01:18] stillsostrange: heee
[01:18] leahbobet: Well, knowing that the rum is always gone..
[01:18] leahbobet: It's Brett by a hair.
[01:18] katallen: yeah
[01:18] matociquala: or a needle
[01:18] leahbobet: (someone post this)
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