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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

this is all truepenny's fault, and she knows why:

[01:14] matociquala: ...there's a buddy picture I would pay a lot of money for
[01:15] matociquala: And it'd be fun to put them in a box and make them fight.
[01:16] leahbobet: ...damn, that's actually a tough call.
[01:16] katallen: o.o
[01:16] leahbobet: Johnny Depp vs. Jeremy Brett.
[01:16] katallen: *pets*
[01:16] matociquala: Brett takes the early lead with his razor-sharp diction
[01:17] leahbobet: Depp has a sword.
[01:17] matociquala: But Depp shortly confuses him with off-the-wall method acting
[01:17] leahbobet: And eyeliner.
[01:17] katallen: but Brett has the edge on eye-brow raising too
[01:17] stillsostrange: and gold teeth
[01:17] matociquala: He does.
[01:17] stillsostrange: and dreads
[01:17] matociquala: But not morning coats.
[01:17] leahbobet: However, Brett smokebombs him with the pipe.
[01:17] matociquala: And Holmes can bend steel with his bare hands.
[01:17] matociquala: I think it comes down to whether we first run out of rum, or cocaine
[01:17] leahbobet: LOL
[01:17] katallen: heee
[01:18] stillsostrange: heee
[01:18] leahbobet: Well, knowing that the rum is always gone..
[01:18] leahbobet: It's Brett by a hair.
[01:18] katallen: yeah
[01:18] matociquala: or a needle
[01:18] leahbobet: (someone post this)


That's wonderful. Jeremy Brett was awesome.
YOU inspired something in my dream on awaking this morning - There was a small song-filled bit just before I awoke involving Queen Elizabeth, Christopher Marlowe and some anonymous lady-in-waiting in a three-way fore-play - Kit was just going along for a lark but the music I recall was ... breath-taking. Can't remember the words - like opera they were simply the vehicle for the vocalization.
I never have dreams that cool. Awesome!
I am proud and happy to be blamed for this.

I miss him...

Sigh... Jeremy Brett...
Hmmm. That's interesting. When you were talking on truepenny's journal about Brett being perfect play Felix only, you know, dead, my immediate thought was Johnny Depp with red wig. But maybe he's too dark...