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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Anybody out there remember if, in 1983, New York State youth licenses had any kind of signifier on them indicating the age of the driver?

This was during the brief period when the legal drinking age was 19, if that jogs your memory any.


If I remember correctly, the birth date was there.
Yeah, it always has been--but the current ones have it in red if you're under 21....
I lived in NY at the time, and I don't remember there being any special indicator...

I got my first NY driver's licence in 1983. It was pre-photo days, so it was paper and had no significant indicators that I can recall.

You get a no-prize! Thank you!
A no-prize?! I've always wanted one! ::hugs the no-prize::
My husband, being raised in New York, says that the card was blue and it said "Restricted". You could not get a full license until you were 18.

To his memory, there was nothing about "drinking age" because if you turned 18 before July 1 of that year, you could drink as you were grandfathered in. If you turned 18 after July 1, then you could not.

He was born in September and still carries a lot of rage.

Hope this helps.
He also says that until you were 18, you were only allowed to drive from sunup to sundown unless you had a note from your parents or something from an employer.

You also could not drive out of state.

Me, I'm from extremely rural south Georgia. We were driving barefoot at 13 on the old red clay roads.
I turned 21 in 1983 so probably wasn't paying close attention . . . but it was a greenish-white cardboard thing with no picture and the only indicator of my age that I recall was my birthdate -- nothing special that indicated my being underage.

I do remember visiting a friend at my university a few years later and the once-jumping campus pub had turned into a low-key grad student hangout.

most faked license in the Northeast. That's the one!
In the realm of not-what-you-asked, but I'm sharing anyway...long ago you could only drive 'sunup to sundown' on a NYS junior license until you were 18 and teenagers all carried Farmers' Almanacs in their cars so they could tell when sunrise and sunset were throughout the year. However, around 1970 it changed to a specific time, which I no longer remember--like 7 AM to 8 PM or something. Unless you were coming from a school function, in which case you had a certain amount of time after the end of said school function to get home. You were on a junior license until you turned 18 unless you took drivers' ed which gave you a regular license at 17 instead of 18.

And NYS had paper licenses for a very long time....I ran several through the wash.