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December 2021



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you might be lord of half the world, you'll not own me as well

I wish for peace.

I sometimes wonder, if we had a global reset button, if we could irrevocably and completely, as a species, look at one another and the marriage counselors and go "Yanno what? Fuckit. I'm really sorry for all the shit I've done to you, and I am going to try to forgive all the shit you did to me, can we maybe still work this out?" we might have a chance.

There's no justice. You can't go back far enough to figure out who started the shoving, or, if you can, there's no way to patch the holes.

It's impossible, of course. Anybody who's ever been in a dysfunctional relationship knows that you never surrender your moral high ground, even if you have to manufacture it. If you have to be right, either you are going to be enforcing constant conflict, or constant resentment.

But as long as we're still hitting each other, still self-justifying, over grudges that started when our idea of a good book was grain records poked into a clay tablet with a stick, well, peace is something we wish for, not something we get.

Global amnesia. And burn all the books. Then we'd have peace for an hour, until somebody started fighting over who got the last box of Cheerios.

...god, I sound like Peter. :-P Time for a pot of tea.


yes, but he depresses me.

Want some tea?
Truer words never spoken.

Y'notice that the more prosperous countries are rarely the ones committing this kind of shoving? Ireland's troubles have died down somewhat, if not gone away entirely, and it coincides pretty well with the rise of the "Celtic Tiger"-- their new prosperity under the EU. Money is the oil of society.
if you're busy and well-fed, you don't have time to stew over who done you wrong.
Does the problem arise from trying to go back to figure out who started the shoving? It seems like we don't want to be confronted by our own mistakes. Humble pie is not served up as a country, to a country, with the leaders setting the example.
Plenty of wars arise over the question of who has the historical right to a particular patch of land.
Get rid of all religion, and instill the desire to help ensure that everyone has enough food, and there is no conflict in the world -- on a large scale anyway.
except the conflicts over land, oil, resources, and whether your grandfather stole this country from your other gandfather.
Peace between us will happen only when there is an outside threat. We're designed to compete, and in competion we must destroy, so only the most adapted being will win and get to pass on its genes to the next generation. We can bind this urge to destroy in veneer of civilization, but it will inevitably break free.

We're a pretty sick planet, and our progress and our sickness is driven by conflict. On one side of the globe there are skyscrappers, on the other mud huts. We have developed unevenly, almost like a cancer, spiking in one region and stagnating in the next. But I wonder, if you threw the magic switch and doused all the wars, would we, as so well predicted, find only "occupied" signs in our future.
For my paying job, I recently worked on an index about Israel and Palestine--opinions from both sides. It was an eye-opening experience.

I must agree with you--until they say "the past doesn't matter, let's start over from where we are now," there will not be peace. And it is true for life in general.

I am sorry to disagree, but this seems to me to be a mistaken, and - I must say - a very American idea: the notion that erasing/forgetting the past is desirable, and even more so, that it can be done at all.

And as a commenter pointed out, religion does play a very large role, and not only in this situation. I can think of very few conflicts in the world today in which religion is not involved. And possibly, even more so than in the past.
Boy, if that's what you got out of my post, you need to read more closely.
My opinion has always been that peace is a great thing to strive for, but it's one of those ideologies that will probably never happen. At least not until something drastic changes in the human makeup.

I do, however, believe in Justice. Not as something we as humans control, but something that life controls and eventually what goes around does come around. Call me crazy, I'm used to it :)

Don't mind if I join you for your tea do you?

Also... reading comments backwards is extremely weird. That is all.

When you say Peter, do you mean "as in Watts?" As in "whose works are a valid argument for Benderism?"
That's the man.

Wait until you read the new one. If he doesn't win a Hugo for it, it's a crime.

And yet, I think he's finally written a more depressing book than "Stand on Zanzibar"
I have a hunch that you don't get peace by finding just the perfect agreement that's settled once and for all, but by building it bit by bit. Like the stone wall Robert Frost wrote about mending, you stick this bit ... here ... and that bit ... there ... and you can't find any rock the right size for this hole, so you put in two smaller bits that sort of might fit together and you cross your fingers that they'll hold until your back is turned. And then you come back a week later and do it again, and you keep fixing the bits that fall out because sometimes if you can put off its falling for just long enough, "long enough" turns out to really be long enough.

Something there is that doesn't love a wall--

It's not elves, exactly. Yes. What you said.