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you might be lord of half the world, you'll not own me as well

I wish for peace.

I sometimes wonder, if we had a global reset button, if we could irrevocably and completely, as a species, look at one another and the marriage counselors and go "Yanno what? Fuckit. I'm really sorry for all the shit I've done to you, and I am going to try to forgive all the shit you did to me, can we maybe still work this out?" we might have a chance.

There's no justice. You can't go back far enough to figure out who started the shoving, or, if you can, there's no way to patch the holes.

It's impossible, of course. Anybody who's ever been in a dysfunctional relationship knows that you never surrender your moral high ground, even if you have to manufacture it. If you have to be right, either you are going to be enforcing constant conflict, or constant resentment.

But as long as we're still hitting each other, still self-justifying, over grudges that started when our idea of a good book was grain records poked into a clay tablet with a stick, well, peace is something we wish for, not something we get.

Global amnesia. And burn all the books. Then we'd have peace for an hour, until somebody started fighting over who got the last box of Cheerios.

...god, I sound like Peter. :-P Time for a pot of tea.
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