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when you live in the world it gets in to who you thought you would be

Progress notes for 16 July 2006:

"War Stories."

New Words:  1034
Total Words:  5750
Pages: 23
Deadline: September 1
Reason for stopping: Draft!

Stimulants:  a pound (!) of Ranier cherries. Mmm. (Hey, they're only in season for two weeks.)
Exercise: ski machine and weights.
Mail: nomail
Today's words Word don't know: eightysixed, chemo, warhorse, Kevlar, ripstop, tenpenny, overdesigned, jinky, evac, recuse,

Mean Things: a death. several abandonments. a broken engagement.
Darling du jour:  We all want to die at home.

Other writing-related work: Sarah keeps the chapters coming!
Books in progress: Martin Cruz Smith, Stallion Gate; Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice;
Things I'm glad I didn't go to my grave without:

Yeah. That.
Tags: progress notes, short fiction
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