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The Bataan Death-March of Merchandising

I spent most of the Con at the Random House and Mysterious Galaxy booths, terrified of the flood of people on the floor. Saturday, they turned people away. Next year, if the increase in congoers continues, I suspect San Diego may sink.

Through dint of getting up VERY early, we managed to park under the convention center all four days. Which was pleasing, because those floors are brutal on your feet. Thursday was Dancing Monkey day--I was the New Kid on two panels (well, there was one newer kid than me on the second one), did two signings, and went to flack for my publisher at a dinner thingy--and had a lot of fun. Finally got to meet Greg Bear, among other people I had not met before, and continued my one-sentence-per-convention conversation with karentraviss. (Vernor Vinge: "Oh my! I'm surrounded by Bears!")

I pressed with Greg my agenda to create a school of science fiction in which all stories end "and then they were eaten by bears!" (Which agenda I invented on the spot.)

Friday, kit_kindred, the mighty mighty Nathan, and I showed up at the convention center to line-monkey for the Kelley Armstrong and George R.R. Martin signings. After George was done, we split, and went to the beach. We splashed in the waves and watched the surfers and the sun go down in Cardiff-by-the-Sea; large chunks of a conversation that will happen in Patience & Fortitude fell into my head. Then we had a fantastic dinner at the Calypso Cafe, which is not in Encinitas, but near it.

(We also had breakfast every day at the same cafe, which was good and cheap and not too crowded and close to the convention center. And I am keeping it a secret. *g*)

Saturday is the Day of Fear. They turned conventiongoers away this year, though I am not sure if it was because the convetnion center's AC could not handle the load or because of fire code. Anyway, An Unnamed Source who tends to stop by the Bantam Spectra booth told us that attendance records were shattered.

Next year, I expect this con to provoke the Big One.

I signed at the Mysterious Galaxy booth Saturday AM, and we sold a dozen or two books, which was loffly. Saturday night, after the floor closed, we went to the not-so-very-sekrit goffparty at the Abbey, courtesy of jlassen. kit_kindred dressed as an Aloha Goth. I was GoffPunk. 

Also sighted: three or five dancing COBRAs (best schtick: COBRA pamphleting Les Girls in SS Caps), Peter Parker (he took my picture), Stormtrooper Elvis, a rather large Wookiee with entourage, and George Martin being smuggled whisked upstairs to the VIP lounge... which led us to the rather disturbing discussion, Sunday, of Leather-Daddy George. (This image may be assisted by the knowledge that George often wears a tugboat captain hat. Which, if it were black leather.... anyway, I don't really need to share the details, beyond three words: "studded leather codpiece.")

Sunday was quieter, and culminated in a very nice gorging of us at McCormick and Schmicks. Then, alas, kit_kindred and I had to drive back to Las Vegas, and then I had tocollect my silly gray cat, get on a plane, and come home.

Where I am now.

The flight was uneventful, but exhausting. Cat and Bear are well. I finished Air and Throne of Jade over the weekend, and started Days of the Dead, more on which when I can speak in complete paragraphs.

Now I am going to go type in the corrections I made to "The Rest of your Life in One Day" while on the plane, and maybe read the end of truepenny's book, and then fall over, since Mebd has claimed the window ledge and all seems well with her.

Next weekend, I am locking myself in my apartment and revising Undertow.

Amazon has the cover for Carnival up

netcurmudgeon liked the Carnival ARC I gave him. (he is of course not unbiased)

Thirstygirl likes my stuff. (and has a syllallable too many in "Promethean.")

guipago liked B&I.

As did Watta Fiasco.

And the Justbooks Blog--both halfway through, and in the final analysis.
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