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one's unsung genius, the standing upon of--

So there's a scene at the beginning of Whiskey & Water that was my editor's idea. She wanted to establish stakes up front, and bring in the bad guys off the top. And well, I wrote the scene.

But I hated it. Loathed and despised. I felt like it threw off the balance of the book, as if it was kind of tacky and soaked in worn-out fantasy tropes. (It's a scene that takes place in Hell, in which two devils have a showdown while a poet and a prince look on.)

I kicked and thrashed and whined while I wrote it, and I've been whinging about it ever since.

I loaned allaboutm_e a manuscript copy of W&W.'s her favorite scene in the book.

...yanno, I still don't like it. But.

I am willing to admit in public that Liz was right.

(which is not to say that editors are *always* right. but sometimes, one's unsung genius may be unsung because of its startling resemblance to a blind spot. as it were.)
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