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I'm no stranger to the streets.

Progress notes for 25 July 2006:

"The Rest of Your Life in a Day"

New Words:  1434
Total Words: 11,750
Pages: 47
Reason for stopping: second draft complete

A Companion to Wolves

New Words:  330
Total Words: 102,250
Pages: 411
Deadline: September 1
Reason for stopping: bedtime

I added a scenelet, fixed something that was inadequately clear, and de-ethed and thorned the thing. We have oh, another four or seven scenes or partial scenes to add, and kennings! Lots of kennings.

Stimulants:  prickly pear lemonade
Exercise: none today, but I lugged a cat through O'Hare yesterday
Mammalian assistance: Mebd spent much of my writing time either lecturing me on her need for cat food, sleeping on my feet, or hiding in the kitchen cabinets. Now she's yelling at me that it's bedtime. NOW!
Mail: Contrib copies of the Horton Year's Best Fantasy. Yay! Also, was solicited for a space opera novella. Got to see the preliminary cover copy for Whiskey & Water. And some blogviews:

strangestgirl loved Blood & Iron; meanwhile, the consensus over at marykaykare is that it's overly dense and could have used more exposition. 

Today's words Word don't know: Oh, god. I spellchecked the wolf book on a new computer. It didn't know half the words. Flyte, for example.
Words I'm surprised Word do know: skald

Mean Things: Matthew's not-a-sex-life continues to be problematic to him. But not nearly as problematic as Isolfr's actual sex life is to him. And yes, the sex scenes still squick me.
Tyop du jour: "haphazad," which is not much of a typo, but it was on the first page of the submission draft of ACtW. :-P Sorry, Beth.
Darling du jour:  "As I have taught you to see as other men, so I curse you to the death of your illusions."
Jerry-rigging: Trying to find places to shoehorn in more backstory, Skjaldwulf bits, and Vethulf bits in ACtW, which is... at 100K, a pretty tightly plotted book. It's easier to expand within scenes than actually add new scenes, because they tend to transition pretty closely.

I know. Everybody should have such problems.

There's always one more quirk in the character: Vethulf is cute when he's flustered. Who ever would have guessed?

Other writing-related work: Last chapter of The Mirador read. I thought hard about Patience & Fortitude, and I'm gearing up for a weekend-long push on a final draft of Undertow. Which I might actually start tomorrow, since I have this other stuff put to bed. Although I need to figure out what I'm doing with the alien invasion. Oh, and the Eddas are bugging me. Cathmar definitely wants to become a girl.
Books in progress: Barbara Hambly, Days of the Dead;
Books finished: Martin Cruz Smith, Stallion Gate; Naomi Novik, Throne of Jade; Geoff Ryman, Air
Books abandoned: Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice. I give up. I can't read this freaking thing. Even when trapped in an airport.
Things I'm glad I didn't go to my grave without: Oh god, I got nothing today. Talk amongst yourselves.
The glamour!: I bought cat litter!
Tags: fuzzy companion animal fantasy, iskryne, progress notes, reviews, short fiction

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