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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

All right. I bought the godzilla penis. Further comments as it ripens.

If it ripens.

Progress notes for 27 July 2006:

Revised: 114 pages of 404 
Deadline: August 1
Reason for stopping: Sick. Bed.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
114 / 404

This is a deceptive seeming of progress, because it's the last hundred pages that are actually hosed. In other words, this is the easy bit.

Stimulants:  green tea milkshake
Exercise: nose blowing
Mammalian assistance: Mebd sitting on my head, my leg, my keyboard....

princejvstin offers a not terribly enthusiastic but generally positive review of B&I. The "I guess I sort of liked it"s are starting to filter in!

Jerry-rigging: Gonna have to figure out what to do with this cop.

Books in progress: Still working on the hambly. Or, more precisely, it's sitting in my backpack ignored.
the glamour!: My nose is dripping. :-P


*g* Huzzah! Stoked is good; it means I'm doing my job.
All right. I bought the godzilla penis.

. . . That's a good line.
It's on my kitchen table in a bowl.

Anybody know how long it takes a godzilla penis to become edible?
I'm still processing how I felt about B&I. It doesn't help that I'm trying to design my own Faerie, and yours keeps getting in the way. (Not that I'm afraid of ripping it off. Rather, I keep going "But that wouldn't work like that in my world!" which is very distracting when trying to sum up what you think of a book.)
It totally is. And it took me years to learn to read around that.

It was Burgess who fixed me, actually--his Kit isn't my Kit, but he's a good Kit.

I'm sorry if the review didn't come across too enthusiastic. I think that might be more of a function of when I read the book and when I wrote the review (both not in the shiniest, happiest of moods). Now, on the other hand, my review of One Lamp was *intended* to be not very enthusiastic.

Can I amend to say that, given how the relationship between Seeker and the kelpie develops in the first book, I can see how perfectly the second book, which I definitely want to read, is going to be titled?

*g* Poor Kelpie. We're really unfair to him.

I think it's amusing how many of my Not Very Nice characters are wildly popular.

I am sorry you have been feeling unshiny....