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bear by san

December 2021



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bear by san

she's got similar features, but longer hair.

Well, I'm not sick enough to stay home from work and the rent's due next week, so I guess I have to go get into the shower now.

I see a bunch of new faces out there. feel free to introduce yourselves and to comment, ask questions, whatever. I'm too swamped to read any more blogs, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate having you around.

I'm contemplating a long boring infodump on exposition. Or possibly a taut, assertive infodump on exposition. It depends on how much narrative authority I can muster while revising. Is there anything else you'd like me to talk about?

If anybody wants to ask questions about old or new work, I'm good with that; if anybody wants to spoiler like a mad spoilering thing, or chatter without me leaning over their shoulders, hernewshoes runs a community where you can do just that. 

Come on in. Have a canape.


Mm. Those mushroom puffs from the Governor's Club. I could eat those until my head turns into a fungus.
Feel better.
Have a canape.

'Cause everything tastes better in French!

An exposition on exposition would be cool, e.g., how to exposit without looking like you're expositing. Something you're quite good at, but that's probably practice and work more than something you can give instructions for. Step 1: Infodump carefully. Step 3: Profit!
Hi! I'm Claudia. Huge reader, happy tech editor, frequent but less-happy technical writer, and now attempting a dissertation. That's on environment & cultural values, so I'd actually like it to be readable. I think your blog on your writing is worth 20 classes and books on writing and criticism.

I hope someday soon to overcome both the PhD and two decades of brainwashing immersion in the deadly-dull academic and gov't writing style and begin crafting my stacks of notebooks into something like fiction, or at least creditable little fan fictions.

I'd love to read your infodump on exposition!

And if it's not too much trouble, could you or another reader point me to where you get your "daily word meter" thing? I'd benefit from doing that w/ my diss.

Huge regards!


Also, you can click on anyone else's meter and it will take you to that page.
Hi there! I've seen you quoted, linked, etc. on other journals and really liked your post yesterday about keeping track of goals in public, and what that does or doesn't mean. I read and write speculative fiction (not yet published), and lately I've been blogging about my goals and progress, so what you said really rang true for me.

The Internets are wonderful for so many reasons, but lately I'm most grateful for the chance to keep up with the progress of Real Writers. It's inspiring to watch y'all go about your day-to-day lives. And not so day-to-day -- like being on panels with grrm!
I have no power over Amazon, dude. *g*
Introducing self. Oook.

Found way over here via khaybee and jaylake so I can read you firsthand, rather than having them relay excerpts to me.

Mmmm.... canapes.
Yes, I never introduced myself. And I never shall. MUHAHAHAHAH!

*sigh* Except to say, one day, far in the future, when 'mullosks have developed into higher beings' (as Garth Nix would say) I shall write fantasy and science-fiction, perhaps as you do.

Until that day happens however, I will have to make do with poetry...